Pico Blvd - Best of


What’s the best burgers, chicken, pizza, shawarma. sandwiches and tacos on pico blvd? Pico blvd only please. Also, anything else you can think of? Dessert? Ice Cream etc…

Thank you.

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Dino’s pollo maniaco.

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Papa Cristos, Capitol Burgers, Pasta Sisters, Wi Jammin, My Two Cents, Hollywood Pies, India Sweets House, NOT Komodo, Sangak Grill, Sotto.

My regular rotation area!


Egg scrambles and pancakes at Food.

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I quite like La Cevicheria and Ham Ji Park, but otherwise don’t have a ton else to add. Out of curiosity, though, is this for a project of one kind or another? And I assume you are aware of the J. Gold thing? ( http://www.laweekly.com/news/the-year-i-ate-pico-boulevard-2129883 )


Teriyaki House Pico, of course.


Did you want to limit the region of Pico, cuz it’s kinda long… :wink:

Ice cream: Sweet Rose Creamery.

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Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory, Sangak Grill’s… sangak.


Jamaica’s Cakes for cakes, cookies, etc.


Hi @Nemroz - Didn’t you used to go to a tiny soul food spot that closed for remodel? What happened to that place?


My husband and son like Bloom and CJ’s Cafe.

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My 2 Cents? Is it closed? Yea i like it.


For my area of Pico, John O’Groats for pancakes and other things of a breakfast nature. Also Sotto for pizza, pasta porkchop, etc.


Sotto, Foster Freeze, Rae’s, and god I miss Torafuku.


I feel that Torafuku’s replacement, Harikawa, has even more focused cooking, with that same great kamado rice that Torafuku featured.

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Really?? I heard tepid things when they first opened and was so sad, I loved Torafuku. I was even a regular and the sushi chef knew me and was so nice.

I’ll give Hariwaka a try, good to hear about the rice, that rice was excellent.

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El Grullense - better than King Taco

The Spot - fried chicken and waffles (and pineapple cobbler)

Happy Taco - carne asada fries

Olsons Scandinavian Deli - shrimp sandwich or caviar and egg sandwich. yum.


No. I am always up and down pico Blvd, from downtown to the beach and thought this would be a good idea. Also, to do other streets, Olympic, Wilshire etc…

I’m going to start trying one of these a month. Trying to keep my weight down. :slight_smile:

What about taco trucks? The one across from ralphs in mid city?


Stevie’s is reopening on Pico. They are hiring too.

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