Pigs Rescued From Fire Turned Into Sausages for Firefighters Who Saved Them

Here’s a non-recycled story with more details and local color:

As is often the case, I’m impressed by the perversity of PETA’s view of the lives of domesticated animals on traditional farms. They really think the piglets were “no better off” thanks to not having burned to death?

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farm to table indeed.

I’ve given up on PETA ever making a logical argument.

At shelters owned by them, their kill rate is among the highest in the nation and their adoption rates are in single digits. One could say they run shelters almost for the idea of exterminating pets.


I’ve worked/volunteered with two situations where PETA’s undercover actions have exposed some really horrific situations. For that work, I am grateful to them and their people.

That being said (and this is coming from someone with very strong feelings about animal rights), I don’t agree with many of their methods, actions, or professed positions.

This is a news report on one of the situations I volunteered to help with (over 26,000 animals were eventually accounted for) - if you Google “US Global Exotics PETA” you’ll find the undercover videos: I’d recommend against doing so.

Many of their leaders think no animal should be kept as a pet/companion: they honestly believe euthanasia is a better option than a life in “captivity” (as it’s been explained to me - I begged to differ).

And all that being said, I’ve not read the links upthread and will refrain from doing so, for personal reasons.

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The fanatical ones (including their founder, Ingrid Newkirk) also advocate against ALL animal testing, not just for cosmetics and beauty products, but medical testing as well. As someone who is the direct beficiary of animal use in medicine, they can fuck right off.

Ahem. Sorry.