Post Your Daily Sandwich


I can’t speak for authencity and whatnot, but the medianoche at Cafe Cuba in Hawthorne is very tasty.


Looks as authentic as Castro’s beard to me!


I like that you give cities or general location.


Ditto. But on the other hand @ronsilverado’s suggestion of an english muffin would be my choice.


Have you had it to go? Do they serve it in styrofoam? I’m weird about stuff like that.


Wexler’s Deli

The Boyle Heights

Corned Beef, Mustard, Rye (I requested the swiss)

My first time having Wexler’s. We had it Postmated from Century City. They don’t serve mayo (okay, understandable), but forgot my russian dressing. The sandwich had the smokey crust folks talk about, maybe too much juniper berry for my taste, tender meat (maybe a little too fatty), slightly melty swiss (nice touch), yummy mustard, Langer’s-esque type bread. Would I order it again? Yes. Does it hold a candle to Langer’s? Absolutely not.

I took The O.G. (pastrami, mustard, rye w/swiss) home for dear husband. He mauled it before I could get a picture. I tried some meat. It was a little too thick and slightly chewy for my pastrami taste, and again with the smoke. But for these reasons my BBQ obsessed husband loved it!

This is the longest report I’ve ever done on a sandwich.

P.S. That L.A. Bird looks delicious @Bigmouth. I am so getting it.


No, they use waxed paper containers. I don’t think you can use styrofoam in S.M., which is the location I usually visit.

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Small Italian cold cut on a hard roll from Italia Deli In Agoura Hills. Crispy exterior, chewy bread, perfect balance of meat, cheese, mayo mustard and vinegar. Man, I wish this place was closer as it is one of my favorites.

There have been talks on this board of Italian delis using Boars Head. This place has a separate section on their menu for Boars Head sandwiches (mostly turkey, chicken and ham) and the non-Boars Head like the Italian cold cut.


Hi @TheCookie,

Nice sandwich report. :slight_smile: We felt the same way: The actual pastrami is OK, and fine if we were in the area, but it’s not even close to Langer’s (especially Wexler’s terrible bread).


Yah, I was trying not to yuck someone’s yum, but I did not care for the bread.

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I liked Italia, thought it was better than San Carlo. I wanted to love the porchetta but I only liked it.

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I was wondering about the porchetta. Never had it. Lots of people eating it and lots of photos of it. What wasn’t so good?

I pretty much stick to the Italian, though I actually had a damn good meatball sand and a good chicken salad.

Good bread.


it was kinda one note - like eating a bunch of somewhat tender somewhat moist pork between bread.

didn’t have anything to make it stand out - I certainly don’t remember amazing skin or anything like that.


Got it. Any recs where to get a good porchetta?


kind of in the same boat as you. I’ve never found a porchetta that I’ve loved; closest I’ve gotten is the now defunct Wheat and Sons @ Anaheim Packing District. I hear Funke had a great porchetta but I missed that boat.


May need to make this my life’s mission. LOL.


Roti Roti in San Fran


Are you guys talkin’ porchetta sandwiches or porchetta porchetta? If you’re talkin’ sandwich, Angelini Osteria Beverly BL has one on their lunch menu that’s pretty popular. If you’re talkin’ straight up porchetta, Factory Kitchen DTLA has the best porchetta I’ve ever had.



Thanks!! Have to try these. I’m looking for both ways!

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The Kroft, next door to Wheat & Sons, makes a great porchetta sandwich.