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Aaron Lindell (michigan-native and former sous chef at cotogna) and Hannah Ziskin, pastry chef at m georgina, have been offering detroit-style pizzas and desserts out of their glendale home since last summer. they’re now in residence at the unoccupied m georgina every saturday and sunday. perfect opportunity for a hayato bento and detroit pizza bang bang. @NYCtoLA, @rlw, @js76wisco, @TheCookie, @lapizzamaven, @J_L, @chrishei, @attran99, @foodshutterbug, @Dommy

I’m no detroit pizza expert and have no idea how “authentic” this was, but it was incredible. the sweet-savory red sauce is made with bianco dinapoli tomatoes, the soft, airy, focaccia-like crust uses tehachapi grain project red fife wheat sourdough and the crispy-cheesy crust situation surrounding the edges is out of control.

make sure to try ziskin’s desserts too, from house of gluten, also out of m georgina.

pepperoni, four cheese, red sauce, basil

salty chocolate chunk cookies



Fuuuuuugde that sounds good.


Goddamnit I was just at ROW today looking for a bang^2

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I was there last week. :cry:

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As a Michigan native I can assure you that Buddy’s never used anything like these ingredients. Having had Buddy’s, at least the Ann Arbor branch, after seeing these pictures, I can further assure you that you never want to have the “authentic” version. This looks so much better!!!


Is the third photo of the bottom?

Adding this to the deathmatch.

I’ve been hoping to try their pizza too, and now that they’re out of the ROW it’s a done deal.


forgot to mention ziskin’s desserts can be ordered from house of gluten



hahahahhah that is a great name


So is sourdough crust a thing for detroit pizza?

Looks legit. For me, the defining characteristic of Detroit pizza is the crust deep-frying in the butterfat thrown off by the cheese.

Traditional Detroit pizza does not use sourdough or whole-wheat flour, but if it tastes good, why not?

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Ordered last night for next Sunday after @PorkyBelly’s bat signal. Looks like Aaron actually released it too early lol, but still got mine :wink:

Now to wait until Wednesday to order from the House of Gluten…


ha I did the same thing, snuck in an order while Aaron temporarily had the order page live.

I originally misspelled it as “house of glutton”, a similarly great name.


don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything, their first day at the row was yesterday.

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How does it compare to Apollonia’s?

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Tock is live right now for saturday and Sunday

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haven’t tried apollonia’s yet.

Apollonia’s square slices are not Detroit-style, they’re a unique thing he invented.

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