Reopening Tips and Trials

This one’s a trial…

It looks like County Health and the City of San Diego are pretty serious about monitoring/policing restaurants as they reopen. I will say that I am glad they are being diligent and calling out the bad actors. Granted it is PB but I’m glad they were shut down for their violations

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This one’s a Tip (from one of the co-owners of Cowboy Star no less)

And we have some tips for being a good guest in a newly reopened restaurant:

  1. Be patient, the restaurant will have very limited seating. If you can make a reservation, that is ideal. But if it’s 1st come 1st served, please be patient.

  2. Wear a mask, the restaurant can’t let you in without it. Once you get to your seat you can take it off. If you get up to use the restroom, you’ll have to put it back on.

  3. Your server will be wearing mask. Some positions in the restaurant may or may not be wearing gloves. This is intentional. Depending on their job duties it is actually safer if they are washing their hands every few minutes vs wearing gloves.

  4. Social distancing is going to look different in each restaurant, there is no way for everyone to do it the same.

  5. Please bring a credit card, cash is dirty and adds more time to complete the transaction safely. Even if you didn’t see it, your server/bartender is cleaning the credit card machine regularly.

  6. Be nice, your server/bartender either never received their unemployment or chose to give it up and come back to work. Either situation deserves your support. Tip well!

Lastly, if your going to post something on social media about your experience dining out, make it a good one. Restaurants are doing their best to get back in the groove with a lot of additional safety measures, new restrictions, supply chain hurdles, etc. So please just be nice


Very nice, civilized tips.

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Was going to pull out quotes, but think this needs to be read fully.

As it’s about restaurants and bars in San Diego I thought it belongs here; if not, feel free to move to another thread.


Indoor dining likely to be shutdown Monday or Tuesday.

This article was also in the SD Union today.

I agree: It should be read fully.

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I’m expecting an announcement tomorrow and a shutdown starting after curfew on Tuesday.

Probably so. Haven’t seen any confirmation but I’m willing to bet it’s coming. I really feel for all the operators in the food business. They’re getting jerked on way and then another. Can another round of permanent closures be far behind if they are forced to close next week.


Going back to your original post, I think that was a better way to handle things. Here’s a variation:

First offense, license suspended for 1 wk. Second offense, 3 wks. Third offense, closure with future re-opening subject to evaluation by the Health Department. Or something like that. But let the “good actors” stay in business.

I personally consider a “bad actor” in the restaurant/bar industry, and in this context, to be a place where the staff aren’t following the rules (like masks), or where the allocated number of patrons exceeds the maximum – with some reasonable discretionary leeway for both in terms of enforcement.

The number of people at the venue and their behavior can only be realistically controlled on a “best effort” basis. On the other hand, the staff are employees, and as such should reasonably be expected to individually follow government health rules, as a condition of employment.

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I was back in Santa Cruz last week . The restaurants I used to frequent. Had receptionists full gloves and masks . Distant seating. They have to do it . I walked on by . Cooked a meals where I was staying. Not for me momentarily.

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