Revenge restaurants

A reddit trend is picking up steam. in places like r/LosAngeles, r/Vancouver, and r/Sacramento (and other cities, I assume) threads are popping up with the following title:

Looking for a poor quality yet expensive restaurant to suggest to an enemy. Any Suggestions?

LA’s top suggestion is Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et steakhouse in beverly hills. Both Vancouver and Sac’s suggestions are restaurants with gorgeous views and shitty food. (The Grouse Mountain restaurant in Van and the Cliff House in Folsom, respectively)

Who’s got one?


slow burn


Now “Fresh Levant” by Anita Khalek… Rest in infamy, Slow Burn…

I had read the Vespertine thread with interest and amusement. Especially the courtroom sketches :slight_smile:

I had to go look up Slow Burn.

Oh… my…


What a funny concept!

I’m going to say Hayato.

The more I gush to said enemy that it is the best restaurant in Los Angles, the more they are going to burn (slowly), when they don’t get a reservation.


Villa Blanca in BH would be hard to beat but thankfully, out of business. Note the Sur connection.

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