Riesling discussion

Bar & Garden? I bought it and didn’t like it.

No, but it’s amusing anyway.


I did! I liked it quite a bit, but it was not as crisp as the German ones.


Yes, not crisp. It had an oak thing that reminded me of a watery Chardonnay (I don’t like Chardonnay). I don’t have a lot of Riesling experience and maybe should try German. I’m glad you liked it, though! :grinning: It sucks to not like something. :smirk:

HA!!! Maybe that is why I liked it… I’m not into Chardonnays either… I don’t need character from my whites… I just need to cut through… My daily drinker of Trader Joes Vinho Verde…

But yes, definitely try the German Rieslings. Alsacian too. There are always some wonderful ones from L.A. Wine Co. I would usually go before summer and stock up. The guys there are super nice and will direct you well based on the taste. Bar and Garden sometimes gets some interesting German wines, but it’s not their forte.


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Sweet, thanks for the tips. Btw, I like to cut through too. :wink:

This wasn’t about Riesling. :smile: