Ruth Reichel is now writing for Town and Country Magazine

.The October issue of Town and Country has Ruth Reichel’s first column. She was writing about Rogue River Blue Cheese. It is only available for 6 weeks and October is when it comes on the market.
Our Kroger Market Place has a Murray’s cheese shop in it and they have had had some. It is like a triple cream, runny, buttery, and delicious. It is about $40/lb and worth every penny. A good cheese shop should have some but you’ll need to hurry the season is almost over.

I guess we’re getting a good buy if the shop is charging $40/lb

I’m with you. A good cheese is worth it. Plus I never buy a pound!

It depends on the cheese.

Well, I’ve never bought a pound of super expensive cheese, mainly because I wouldn’t eat it quickly enough.