Sawa - Little Tokyo

sawa is the new sister restaurant of sushi kaneyoshi. it’s right next door inside an intimate cocktail bar with wood carvings, black subway tiles and a far wall lined with hibiki whisky. the food menu is omakase only and is meant to be paired with cocktails. i don’t think i’ve ever seen sushi paired with cocktails before. the food, drinks menu, and vibe of the place was kind of like a cross between sushi of gari, shibumi and bar leather apron but more fun.

The bar seats four to six and is headed by anthony-san from kaneyoshi, natalia handles the cocktails and katsu assists.

shoutout to @formersushichef and @justinpeachpeach for the great company.

smoked chutoro with shiso sauce
katsuo with onion, apple, garlic and ponzu
masu with pickled shallots
seared otoro, chopped serrano chiles
new caledonia blue shrimp
soy sauce cheesecake

very light meal. a bang bang with needle would have been perfect.
for each course anthony-san prepares the entire counter’s nigiri before serving, he was very meticulous but that resulted in the rice getting a little cold by the time you ate it.

fried tachiuo with shibazuke tartar sauce
like a fancy fof

smoked chutoro with shiso sauce
this was like fish butter

the gravity b̶o̶n̶g̶ smoker


tai kobujime

shima aji

katsuo with onion, apple, garlic and ponzu

masu, pickled shallots
loved the acidity and texture from the shallots

kanpachi, sesame oil, salted ginger

aji, shiso

yari ika, yuzu, asetra caviar

seared otoro, chopped serrano chiles
serranos weren’t hot at all and was a nice complement to the fatty otoro.

new caledonia blue shrimp
perfectly cooked and still snappy

sushi bae

hokkaido bafun uni, truffle salt

braised hotate, minced shishito

soy sauce cheesecake, bonus kaneyoshi tamago


a bang bang at needle would have been perfect if they were open.

double double animal style whole grilled onions extra toast well done fries


LA sushi scene is taking on a character all its own. And that’s awesome.


Great to see you there!

Overall a fantastic meal, I thought the sushi was superb and very creative with some of the toppings, although I agree about the rice temp. The scallop actually had minced shishito, but It definitely looks like yuzu kosho lol.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the alcohol/cocktail menu continues to develop, as right now their whisky offerings aren’t as “eccentric” as I hoped for. The cocktails though were perfectly executed, with thoughtful ingredients like Hojicha in their old fashioned, dashi in their martini, and clear as crystal ice in the drinks. Anthony-San did mention his Yamazaki line up will be available once they officially open.

I LOVE the whole concept, and the actual space is beyond gorgeous. Sawa is infinitely more relaxed and “fun” when you compare it to any of the high end omakase spots around town. Anthony is such a hospitable and cool dude. The space feels exactly like a bar at a high end hotel in Tokyo. Can’t wait to return, and to also see them open the teppanyaki space in the sort of distant future!


Beautiful pictures as always.

May I ask how long the meal was and the price?

I’m going to guess 2 hours and $175.

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nice guess. omakase was 170 and it was about 2.5 hours.


Maybe a 5:00PM service at sawa leading to a park-hopper situation at kaneyoshi would be possible.

2 LA omakase for the price of 1 NYC omakase.


forgot to add there’s one seating a night starting at 630


$170 sounds like a relative bargain after the other thread. :sweat_smile: Looks fantastic and love the concept - going to have to start training for the Tock quick click once they open up reservations.


Looks lovely! Was this a soft opening dinner?..I would love to see some otsumami in there, not just nigiri sushi. With Anthony-san’s skill and vision, they’d surely be wonderful drink accompaniments.

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OK, sorry, I missed the 3 at the beginning.

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Futomaki for okonomi bonus rounds?

ah that’s right, thanks for the reminder.

Only 11 nigiri though. It’s almost a guaranteed that you’ll need a lot more bonus rounds or you’ll leave hungry.

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Oh, for sure. Thought the post-$$$ meal bang was a given here. :smiley:


it didn’t look like there was enough fish for bonus rounds so i didn’t ask :sob:

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Do I understand correctly? One seating a night and only six seats?

They’re also offering takeout.


Delete. I think I got it. Price!

P.S. Thanks for reporting y’all!


Reservations just opened up!

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