Sawa - Little Tokyo


A couple new things were added since last week.
Uni added to the Caledonian shrimp.
A dashi broth cooked with the shrimp shells and noodles. A futomaki similar to Kaneyoshi. Barracuda tempura and hotaru ika. Sawa is AMAZING. Get your reservation asap!


Looks fantastic–I can’t wait!

Was there enough food? Were bonus rounds available?

And has anybody tried the beverage pairing? I’m curious about that.

This time around there was enough food to make us perfectly satiated, especially that dashi noodle dish and futomaki. It was like a warm hug! I did the beverage pairing both times, every drink is excellent and perfectly crafted by Nathalia and/or Katsu. The Japanese Negroni and old fashioned were highlights

Edit: bonus round are indeed available! And what’s awesome about that is Anthony breaks out his condiment box and offers you to “create” your own nigiri. This last visit I chose the trout, asked him to smoke it, and kept the pickled shallot/goma combo. It was like eating the best lox in the world.


Does anyone know how often reservations open up?

I messaged them via social media asking about timing of July reservations and they said they still weren’t sure yet would announce it when they are ready. They did just open reservations to the public less than a week ago so can’t say I’m surprised.

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July just opened


Sawa last night.

Japanese belt fish katsu style with shibazuke tartar sauce

Chutoro with shiso sauce

Monkfish liver and sudachi martini pairing

Tai with daikon and plum

Shima aji with yuzu kosho

Yari ika with caviar

Ocean trout with pickled shallot

Caledonia prawn

Smoked Kanpachi

Marinated tuna


Barracuda with smoked butter

Uni with truffle salt

Sous vide hotate

Roll stuffed with…goodies

Somen in fish bone broth

Basque style cheesecake (we got extra!)

Drink menu:

Some drinks that made it into the photos:
Yuzu Highball

Japanese Negroni

Japanese God Father

Toki Whisky with Hojicha
(Pretty sure it wasn’t the Japanese Old Fashioned but was already 4 drinks in so can’t be certain. Very easy - almost too easy - drinking.)

Yamazaki is indeed available, and the 12 year was very nice.

Not sure I have much more to add beyond what @PorkyBelly and @formersushichef have already reported with their far superior words and photos. Chef Anthony, Natalia, and Katsu were wonderful hosts, and the entire experience was just so much fun. The 6 seat layout makes everything feel so personal, and conversation with not just them but the other two diners came easy. Our party of four lingered after the meal to enjoy a few more drinks, and everything from the food, the dim lighting, the music, and the speakeasy vibe was like nothing else in town. Many thanks to the aforementioned FTCers for the early intel on this spot, a new personal favorite that I cannot wait to return to.

Chef Anthony mentioned Eater came by recently, so their profile will, of course, make reservations even harder to get in the future. :cry: There was talk about possibly making it two seatings per night in the future, so we shall see.

Practical notes: Restroom is located outside in the hall. Basement location, but the a/c works well so the space never feels stuffy. Self-parking in the structure is $15.


Really nice reporting. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! After always getting good leads and reports from everyone here, I’m so happy I finally got somewhere early enough to share. :slightly_smiling_face:


hi @Pomsmoms, great report. were there enough fish after the futomaki for bonus rounds?


Chef Anthony offered bonus rounds, but not being at PorkyBelly levels of greatness, everyone was pretty sated by the end. We did get extra cheesecake - just one extra slice though generously offered the whole thing - for our drinks. Had to save room for Nathalia’s excellent cocktails and whisky. :sweat_smile:


unverified max weighs in


He’s a big Kaneyoshi fanboy so no surprise he likes Sawa.

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“Every single bite of food tonight was good, with the exception of the leftover fish maki.”

ROTFL!!! Sacrilege! I wonder, does he dislike Kaneyoshi’s futomaki as well?


yeah he hates that one too for some reason.

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How…unusual. I always found it amusing, in a way, that Kaneyoshi’s futomaki was raved about so heavily, given that it WAS made from leftover fish and wasn’t artful or exquisitely prepared in the same way the preceding dishes were. But, damn, it was tasty.


I thought the fotomaki was incredibly fun and a good way to let use up perfectly good fish.

If it was fine as nigiri, it’ll be fine in a roll.


This is a funny convo. I’ve never been a big fan of maki. I eat it, don’t hate it, but like temaki most. Until I had futomaki at Sushi Kaneyoshi! :heart_eyes: