Shiku - Grand Central Market / DTLA

Updated review:

Had lunch at Shiku the other day. The food was not at the level of Baroo or Baroo Canteen. They were cranking out lots of orders, maybe it was impossible to scale the quality.

Doshirak: Maekjuk chicken was surprisingly good, rice was fine, three banchan in the set were all good. Pork belly was OK though I preferred the chicken, which is the opposite of my usual prejudices.

Peanuts in the jinmichae bokkeum (dried squid) had a weird texture. Squid was great. Eating the leftovers with wine a few days later, I thought maybe they meant the peanuts to be that way, like boiled. Maybe they got more interesting sitting in the sauce for a while.

Mu namul (braised radish), didn’t get this at all at first, didn’t expect it to be soft and warm, but liked the leftovers once I knew what to expect.

Just had a taste of the myulchi bokkeum (dried anchovies, dried tiny shrimp, walnuts, etc.) at Grand Central as to me it desperately needed to go with drinks. Was great with wine a few days later.

Naengi muchim (Shepherd’s Purse) was good. Subtle flavor, excellent texture.

Japchae (glass noodle) was weirdly dry and stiff. Eating the leftovers I liked it better, maybe they meant it to be that way.

Fried chicken pieces were pretty good but we couldn’t tell which was supposed to be spicy. Receipt suggests the order didn’t go through correctly and we didn’t get spicy.

Fries were dry and terrible. If I’d thought of it I’d have asked for my money back.


Find myself liking these homey foods they’re offering. In case you run out of things to dip, dallae (wild Korean chive) ganjang is also good with rice and plain, roasted seaweed (not the kind roasted with sesame oil and salt) or over rice with a fried egg/bibimbap.