South Bay Staples

Blue Salt ain’t bad for the price. This salmon and 2 sides was $16. They got all the El Yucateco hot sauces LOL

Treated my friend to lunch today at Swell Deli.

2 sandwiches, 2 chips, and 2 house made lemonades with tip was $60.

Holy fuk do I miss NYC corner delis LMAO.

I can get a sandwich, bev, and chips for around $10-15.

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Consistency somewhat lacking but when it’s good, it’s pretty damn good. Fwiw for squares I like it better than Pizza Wagon and the household is split between Prince St and Prime.


Recommend ordering squares xtra crispy if you’re only having one or be sure to reheat and get toasty if you buy a whole pizza.

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That stretch of Western where it’s hella Korean. No English signs on the outside. Always a good sign! 5-6 tables on the inside with a Auntie and Uncle doing some prep at a table. They speak very little English but every dish has a number. Soondae is the speciality! I love places like these.

The soondae stew also comes with offal fyi. Tasty soondae. Look at that! This is a wonderful establishment!

People wait an hour at Gen? LMAO. Can’t wait to try more of the menu.


They told me they make their own soondae everyday!

Add some blood and offal into your diet! Come and support this mom n pop! You can’t live on Chicken Maison every week. Chicken boobs are not as nutrient dense!

I’ll be back here every week.

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Wuttt I gotta go if they make their own soondae daily I’m a soondse fiend

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I snapped a menu pic


Lol. No cash. Like someone said, hopefully Zelle or Venmo or I’m out of luck.

Ok, so we just went to Otafuku. :exploding_head:. Everything is so expertly made. The prices feel expensive but the portions are huge. Grilled squid was so fresh and had amazing “snap.” Their sauces and dips are consistently excellent - flavorful and aromatic without being too salty. Both boys had the katsu and egg rice bowl. Huge portion. They said the katsu was the best they’ve ever had and so juicy. Wife had hot udon. Have you love the in house made noodles. My cold white soba hit the spot. It really was like a hybrid of udon and soba. The star though was the shrimp tempura add on. Two day shrimp and I’ll take their batter, frying technique and sauce over anyone in the South Bay, Carlos Tendon included. Next time we’re getting the eel tempura. In case you can’t tell, we’ll be back and thank you so much for the rec!


Otafuku up until a couple of years ago used to be cash only lol. Glad you enjoyed it that place is good.

Went back to the 110 pch night market

Got me some asada tacos and some Al vapor cachette and cabeza


It pains me to say this but pretty confident I can issue the downhill alert for Full House Plus. The original owner departed under mysterious circumstances a couple months ago. Today we went and the soups were no longer as chock full of veggies and meats. Most importantly, the broth for the spicy seafood soup is thin/watery, lost all depth of flavor and I suspect has MSG now. For now, the actual noodles remain excellent but I’m afraid it’s a matter of time… Really sucks bc it’s one of my favorite places and I’m hoping it was just a bad day but I’m not optimistic.


Tigres Fuego/Baran bacon breakfast burrito. Very good salsas too. Probably one of the best breakfast burrito in the South Bay


Piping hot bran muffin on the house at The Kettle.

Maisons chicken soup is really freaking good. You can’t eat spicy garlic all the time


I’m usually a Maison special salad person mix in extra spinach or salad from store. Eat that probably once a week.