Speaking of the 626 night market

so, her majesty i think is going to drag me to this thing this weekend.
i may actually have to suck it up, gobble a fistful of xanax and go.
anybody been?
how much of a nightmare is it? parking, crowds, etc.?
for god’s sake, is there alcohol?

many thanks.

Take more Xanax.

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Careful about that. It’s highly dependent on the individual, of course, but more than 2mg will knock me right out, which, granted, lowers one’s immediate anxiety but doesn’t allow for much enjoyment of the social scene.

I suggest one of the less pharmaceutical social lubricants. Used in tandem with xanax (and with appropriate caution and designated drivers) it can lead to both increased tolerance for the crowds and noise (which I also loathe) AND an increased appetite.

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Find a new kingdom.


Ask dear SWMBO what dishes/cuisines/whatever that she wants to try there. Head to SGV-proper and get that dish(es) at the proper place(s) in a far more civil environment. Heck, do a food crawl.

626 Night Market SHOULD siphon off enough eaters to where a lot of the popular eateries should be more accessible than normal.


hey nobody loves and is more guilty of the jape, the bon mot, the mot juste than i, but:

sometimes, even a common criminal such as myself merely wants an answer to a question, explained like i were a twelve year old and not shibari-d to a chair subjected to an endless series of folks talking into a microphone in front of a brick wall at shecky’s shack of jocularity.


I wish I could understand this because I know it’s really good.

If you can’t take it, then don’t be dishing it.


You got a whole lot going on here. You’re funny, kid, but you need an editor.

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Let me translate: ‘As much as I love all the suggestions to go somewhere else I am going to end up at the gosh darned 626 Night Market. So can I get some recommendations on something good to eat there. Pretty please’

Or at least I think that what he means. :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’m still in Linusese 101. :wink:

I just looked at their website and I’m already needing a Xanax.

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I understand most folks’ point of view. My husband keeps on wanting to go, but I always put the kibosh on it because I don’t like having to pay admission only to deal with more crowds. He’s not really an adventurous eater…damn him working with millenials.

@linus may I make a suggestion? The 626 Night Market was pretty cool about 5-7 years ago, but now it’s just an expensive, crowded gathering of the same food trucks that show up and linger like last night’s fish at EVERY “feastival” in SoCal with maybe the occasional vendor that is a little more unique to the scene like stinky tofu or a vendor making winter melon smoothies. Instead, I would urge you to make the trek down to Little Saigon and the Asian Garden Mall, where every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Labor Day Weekend there is a FREE night market where you only pay the cost of food or wares. Yes, the food is definitely skewed more Vietnamese than the Chinese 626 Night Market, but the QPR is still fantastic, and the food itself is delicious. You’re also going to get a much more authentic Night Market experience. No benzos required for enjoyment, either.


many thanks to all for the advice and suggestions.

i was able to get out of going. i think my feelings
almost attempted to approximate this:


I’m not happy I’m going here Saturday but somebody tell me whats good to eat at least.

A good portion of it is Instagram-stoner-fusiony gimmick food to me. I hated it. Or meh commie Chinese food.

The FREE sample of frozen Kirin is pretty awesome if they are there. You can kinda chill in the racetrack stand.

And they allow that dumb penis shaped waffle stand. Family event right? “But they serve it Taipei night markets!”

The 626 Night Market is a fukin joke

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They are very very good.

Probably one of the best damn things at the market and most underrated.

You will not find a better sorbet. Don’t wait until the end to eat if for dessert or some flavors will be out.

Thanks was looking forward to the sorbet. Now just have to find the best mediocre overpriced food to eat at this sh*tshow.

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At the OC one they had a Hawaiian Passion Orange Guava that was out of this world good. Enjoy!