Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring fruit

If necessary the strawberry industry will just move elsewhere or find a technological solution.

And then we’ll all get to experience the Japanese tradition of paying $100 for strawberries.

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That’s unique to Japan. Technology has been driving the US strawberry industry since the 1950s.

They are not like Harry’s Berries. Imagine if Harry’s Berries were in a fancy lit-up stand at Saks 5th Avenue or Bloomingdales. That is what this fruit is. It is luxury fruit that is usually bought by rich people or people that want to look rich. Normies scoff at it and find it gaudy.

The equivalent of an FTCer in Japan would be buying straight from a farm or fruit specialty vendor by the case. Or talking about some obscure independently-owned fruit stand at an out-of-the-way station 45 min from central Tokyo where they serve astonishingly delicious melon for 4 weeks a year, but you have to be there early because they only have 10 servings available per day.

That is what I was trying to get at. Just because marketers make it seem like this fruit is a hit in Japan doesn’t necessarily make it true. $100 fruit is not normal in Japan! It’s weird! It’s like the perception that some Americans have of manga or anime in Japan. Yes, it is there and it is popular within certain segments, but most people still think adults reading comics or watching cartoons is fuckin weird.



Back at the Venice farmers market! Not as good as they will be in a few months. But amazing compared to the supermarket strawberries that I buy and then regret.


Just got some this weekend! (SaMo farmer’s market on Main on Sun)

Totally agree w/ every word from @cookiemonster.

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How much is a clamshell of Harry’s Berries these days?

12 bucks at the fm, and I think I’ve seen it as high as 21 at erewhon.


Yes looks like they didn’t raise the farmer’s market price this year. I appreciate that, although I’d probably still buy them if they were $22.

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$12 for Gaviotas, $9 for Mara de bois (but half the size of the Gaviota container)

For what it’s worth, best fruits I’ve had recently are still all citrus. Kishu tangerines usually $5/pound but maybe worth it. I’ve been juicing cocktail grapefruits every morning, and blood oranges and Cara Caras have been super sweet. Also been having khadrawy dates, really juicy.


Yeah regier farms has had some badass citrus at smfm

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Oh, I was wondering where they were (they said during the summer that they have tangerines, but I haven’t seen them at the Brentwood FM this winter).

Not at peak season yet for strawberries, Harry’s or otherwise. I’d wait a bit…

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Had some really good oranges from Ken’s top notch today.

This guy bought the melon.


“why I bought a $120 musk melon :melon:

so that I could post on tiktok why I bought a $120 musk melon.


warrior: realistically speaking, I think you’ll find better fruit in Cambodia than you’ll find in Japan.

tried some murray’s white peaches and they’re about 75% there. nice and juicy but could be sweeter.