Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring fruit

I might be the only person who doesn’t like the moondrop grapes. Not sure what exactly about them doesn’t sing for me but maybe I’ve been unfairly comparing them to the grapes from Ken’s which have been spectacular this summer. My preference is generally for crunchy green grapes.

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They’re certainly not crunchy, that’s for sure.

I would get the Moon Drops for 1.99/lb, but I prefer the flavors of Grapery’s Gum Drops (which were also 1.99 at Ralphs last week) and Cotton Candy grapes (2.98 at Sprouts). Grapery also has green grapes shaped like the Moon Drops, but I haven’t seen them.

I tried Ken’s green lychee grapes last year, but the flavor seemed weak compared to supermarket lychee grapes. The Ken’s grapes seem popular here so I’ll have to give them another shot. My favorite fruit from Ken’s is still their emerald pluot.


I’ve been buying Moon Drops at Sam’s Club the past couple of weeks. Very good.

Ken’s Kyoho grapes are fantastic. I like the green grapes but to your point, the flavor is muted. But the Kyoho’s are incredible - only ones where I actually eat the skin as well because it’s barely astringent.

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