Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring fruit

The ‘Harrie’s Berries gaviotas’ of the grape world.


The ones I bought at Ralphs today were huge. No one would look down upon you if you took two bites to eat one of these grapes.

Name these fruits I enjoyed last weekend…

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White sapote, wax Apple


Outstanding. The FTC crew is in the upper echelon of food knowledge.

If you still have wax apples on hand try this dip. Granulated cane sugar, soy sauce & thinly sliced /minced Thai chili.


Or Lao Gan Ma + sugar?

LGM flavor too strong IMO.

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Eating a ripe one right now.

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Barhis haven’t been harvested yet, but the honey dates from Davall are as soft and sweet as always

UPDATE: their instagram tells me that the barhis in fact are in season and available at farmer’s markets. Not yet online tho

Are figs in season right now? I saw a ton of them at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. I myself am not a big fig person, but this is just as a FYI/PSA, in case other people are…

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