Super Bowl LII

Tell us about what you are planning (or did) for the Super Bowl!

Do LA’ers actually go out for the game???

I was actually looking for home or party spreads :grinning:

Oh whew :slight_smile:

Take out from Zelo - photos later.

Watching some documentary (I fell asleep and can’t recall what it is at the moment).

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I watched the Puppy and Kitten Bowls instead and ate the lamb biriyani that I got yesterday from Zam Zam.

I made frozen vegan meatballs with grape jelly and Thai chili sauce in my Instant Pot. All the non-vegans kept eating them!

Your instant pot can make meatballs that turn out frozen? Wow.


Eagles FTW!

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And prayers to this flight crew, and to all of the infrastructure in the City of Brotherly Love.


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I know… Those Philly hooligans cracked that bell during celebrations after last they won an NFL championship in the mid-18th Century. :smiley:

Hide the horses as well.

Unless the horse happens to be a philly (see what I did there?) named Rocky Balboa…

Speaking of Super Bowl (commercials) - is that Shibucho starting at 0:14 seconds in this Amazon Echo Dot commercial that aired during today’s SB?


Yes! And the legend Shige-san himself makes the true cameo, no less! Great eye!

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I love the confused/horrified/terrified look on his face…priceless.

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Usually that look would be followed by a succinct: “No eggplant parmesan for you!”

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I had Dai Ho for lunch and then went to see “Phantom Thread” (which I didn’t like, even though it’s beautifully produced and acted). And then went to The Six for dinner.

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Had a wing cook off while watching the game.

Pickle wings won the day, with my rendition PokPok Ike’s fish sauce wings taking second.