Supermarket Ice Cream

jeni’s darkest chocolate or their black cat espresso.

Very good. It is more of a salted caramel flavor. A tad sweet but great texture. This doesn’t necessarily taste like the butterscotch budino at Mozza but a winner. $8.99 at Brea Whole Foods.

I’m going to get a new pint each week and will report back.


I liked it too, but didn’t love it. The texture seemed off, which speaks to the potential fickle nature of quality control at markets. And I applaud your dedication to dilegent research.

Ooooo - that exists?!

I am a shame filled fan of starbucks ice cream and this feels so much better…

Must check the freezer shelves!

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I like Choctal as well.

Or should I say “liked”?! :disappointed_relieved:

So sorry that they are probably gone, amazing flavors, they may have just been a bit ahead of their time. :no_mouth:

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I love the Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip. Love it as in eating it right out of the container :slight_smile:

Agreed. I believe this was only in the freezer section for 1-2 days because I was at Whole Foods a few times this week and this is the first time I’ve ever seen it on the shelf. Maybe ice cream should have which day the ice cream was packaged like IPAs.

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Is there another way to eat ice cream?


Hagen Dazs Chocolate and Peanut Butter, or plain vanilla; Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch.

I really like mix ins with any flavor other than vanilla.* Add me to the voice of disliking Halo Top.

When I eat Baskin Robbins I love mint chocolate chip + jamocha almond fudge.

*when eating vanilla ice cream at home, I make ice cream sandwiches with the fancy, thick graham crackers from Trader Joes.

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the poor immigrant version of this uses ritz crackers. as far as I’m concerned, I invented sweet salt back in the 80’s.


That’s. That’s kinda . . . genius!

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got the honey graham and really liked it. i wish they had the secret breakfast.

I had the Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee at the Ferry Building the past week. It was fantastic. Dare I say it was even better than my childhood favorite Haggen Daaz coffee. I was scared it was going to be too strong but I loved it. Great coffee flavor. I tasted the Secret Breakfast. interesting flavor but not sure if it’s something I could have a whole pint of.

humphry slocombe is $2 off at my wf, just got two more pints.

I got it based on this thread, was my favorite when I lived in SF. Wonder if they can’t sell secret breakfast in the market because of the bourbon. In any event got the coffee and the peanut butter–both are really outstanding. Flavor bombs.

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In SF partial to Bi-Rite, super creamy & smooth. Wish they ventured further south.

The one time I had Bi-Rite after eating at Delfina the ice cream was very soft almost liquidy. It ruined the experience for me but I know a lot of people really enjoy Bi-Rite.

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really enjoying the van leeuwen mint chip

Is the mint chip flavor one of the dairy free ones?

Bought a pint at WF this week because it was on sale. A little to mint forward for me.

My 5 years olds favorite flavor is mint chip and she thought it was too minty as well. She also knows that green mint chip is gross and you want real mint chip which is white.