Sushi Kaneyoshi - Little Tokyo

I smell an imminent thread split on the idiosyncracies and security features of the Kajima Building. #DieHard4Futomaki


Last time a thread split happened, a prolific FTCer split as well and we know how that went down.

Not sure that’s a good idea.


@PorkyBelly incoming


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excellent lunch from sushi kaneyoshi. the kegani with kanimiso was outstanding, loved the creamy toro and crunchy takuan in the torotaku maki and the vinegar marinated aji bo-zushi was another favorite @JeetKuneBao.

oh, don’t try to take @butteredwaffles’s secret entrance through the kajima building on a Sunday, the door is locked. don’t ask me how I know.

aji bo-zushi, torotaku

omakase nigiri box

here now, the official @PorkyBelly power rankings, ranked in no particular order, sponsored by @rlw:

1. hokkaido bafun uni, santa barbara uni

2. kegani (hairy crab)

3. otoro zuke (marinated fatty tuna)
don’t think I ever had otoro zuke’d before.

4. torotaku

5. chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

6. buri (yellowtail)
is it buri season yet? this was like butter.

7. aji bo-zushi - oboro, shiso

8. akami (lean tuna)

9. kohada (gizzard shad)

10. hotate (scallop)

11. masu (ocean trout)

12. new caledonia blue shrimp

13. tamago

14. tachiuo (beltfish)

15. kamasu (barracuda)

16. tai (red snapper)

17. ikura (salmon roe)


Whoa did you dm them about specials/off menu or are those regular offerings now?

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Stunning. Also curious about the aji bo-zushi.

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i messaged them to ask if they could make bo-zushi/hosomaki (torotaku, anakyu, kanpyo). the only thing they couldn’t make right now was kanpyo, but will eventually. if you have a specific request and they have the ingredients i’m sure they can make it.

fyi the aji in the bo-zushi was sujime’d (vinegar marinated). it was very good, but if you prefer your aji straight up you may need to request that.

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That’s the way I’d like it best—definitely going to look into picking it up!

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Quick update: @PorkyBelly @butteredwaffles still a few weeks out for private omakase. They are still figuring out things at the moment is what I was told.


Until the city allows indoor dining, the private omakase is on hold.