Sushi Kaneyoshi - Little Tokyo

I think it’s the chicken fat or juices that causes the flames? Not sure tho

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i didn’t mind the smoky flavor and thought it was pretty juicy. the flavor wasn’t that much different from yakitori with shio imo.

it is binchotan, chef puts chicken fat between the grate and basket to create the flames.


Must be a lot of fat coming out of those little nuggets. I think the oscillation/movement of the basket is probably contributing to it as well

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he rubs the fat against the grate using the bottom of the basket until the fat is all melted.


interesting, i would have just assumed those are flare ups that i try to avoid if i didn’t know better. it is true that fat drippings on charcoal does create that white smoke and create great flavor.

kani bara chirashi - king crab and hairy crab