Sushi Takeda (Formerly Sushi Hide) - Little Tokyo

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The fun continues… I have a source telling that Sushi Sho (on Montana Ave. in SM) is planning to change its name to Sushi Hide Japanese.

#NorthernCafeExceptWithCeaseAndDesistLetters #HideAndGoSeek



How is that place anyway? Drive by there all the time but don’t know much about it -not related to Sushi Sho in Hawaii i take it

New ownership. I haven’t been since the change (it’s been a while for me). Supposedly it’s now more “austere” and less “crazy roll”.

But I’m confident that it’s NOT related to Nakazawa-san’s empire, that is fo’ SHO’…


Wait, so what happened to Hide’s luncheon sashimi special?

Do they have online menu (anymore?) Is pickup available?

doesn’t look like takeout is available anymore

ok thx. far from westside.

this isn’t really good anymore. Price is high(er) than before.Only 1 (korean owner?) employee, no waiter,etc.