Taco Game is Heating Up - LA Birria on W. Adams


ANAYA??? Got to be the same Anaya. Thrilling .


I doubt it’s any of the Anaya brothers from Los Anaya the article would have said I think


it’s their area, would make sense if they started this but you’re probably right, none of them are in the pics.


well holy crap… run over that way. the comsomme will change your outlook on humanity


red tacos are the new hotness. Nice Vespa; I’m going to sell my Honda and get a GTS250 one day…

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damn, I need an excuse to be in this part of town.

I’ve been indulging in La Unica thanks to a listing I have in that part of town.


I need an excuse to be in the Unica part of town. My excuse today was that I had some time and wanted to get pasta and Red Boat fish sauce at Surfas


Let it be Marisco Jalisco down the street.


And don’t forget the Posideon tostada at Mariscos Jaliscos

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Are these considered el dorado tacos? They look fried to me, but they’re on a flat top.


Where is this?


It’s in the subject. L.A. Birria on Adams/Crenshaw


I don’t know personally what the style is but the tortillas are great, dark yellow/orange. They’re dense enough to take a frying like this on the plancha. They’re not deep fried like others, rather griddled. They’re not exactly hard but lots of texture. That birria is perfect for them and then the consomme just knocks them out of the park

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Consumme is my favorite Mexican food, after ceviche and aquachile.

I tried googling the name, but nothing came up, and you’re so great to put the address in the title and then I skimmed right over it, lol.


Is it beef? Looks delish.


Yes. Birria de res


Ok. Will check this out on the weekend. It better be good. :smile:

I see them all the time when I am leaving Phillips BBQ.
I’m just delighted they have daytime hours!!!
I’m looking at you el 9pm chato.

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I rep it


I saw red boat fish sauce at Costco if you want a big bottle. Not sure all carry but thought it might interest you.


Also surfas carries it