The 26 best Jewish delis in America, according to Foursquare

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Here’s a link to the actual Foursquare thing:

Thanks so much. You and Ipsedixit are always so helpful.

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Why 26?

Was 25 busy?

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I’ve been in meetings where people who gave a fuck were discussing that. Some marketing type thinks it will get better results. I like Eater’s choice of 38.

The more Jewish delis the better :bread:.

I wonder what #27 was.

I want to give it a hug.

Are Jewish delis supposed to be kosher? When I was growing up in Queens all the Jewish delis would not serve meat and cheese together. I know Langers has pastrami with swiss on sandwiches. I’m sure some of the other delis let you mix meat and cheese as well.

Kosher delis follow the Jewish dietary laws and do not mix.

Most people are more familiar with the Jewish-style delis, like Langer’s, Nate N Al, Brent’s that are not kosher.

Edited to add, there is someone here that worked at a kosher place and posted recently about all the rules that must be followed, maybe @Bookwich?

Twasn’t me.

Sorry about that. Whoever it was did a good job of explaining all that was done. While I’ve certainly eaten at kosher places, I have no behind the scenes knowledge.

Right. That is the differentiator.

“Kosher-style” is far more common. Certified kosher restaurants are pretty rare in the US. San Francisco had at least three a few years ago, including a deli and a Chinese restaurant, and is down to one, an Israeli-style Mediterranean grill.

The economics of restaurants are tough already, and making a place kosher increases costs while possibly making the place less attractive to people who are used to being able to get a Reuben or whatever.

I give them credit for listing David’s Brisket House in Brooklyn, as it’s not as well known as many others. However, the omission of Mill Basin Deli, also in Brooklyn, is a glaring error. Hey, I’m from Brooklyn – we got opinions & we share them, asked for or not.

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Canters is definitely an institution, but 2nd best deli in the US? I haven’t been to most the east coast places, but I’ve been to Brents and I’ve been to Canters, and Brents is way better than Canters.

The listicle doesn’t explain its criteria, but it ought to be the delis with the highest Foursquare ratings, which are about more than food.

The criteria are clearly not just the Foursquare ratings, since Slyman’s in Cleveland gets 9.4, higher than most of those in the listicle.