The Bread Thread

With whole wheat you could add some extra gluten to get a better rise

If you order from King Arthur regularly, it’s probably worth the $40 a year for free shipping on all orders of $20 or more.

80% hydration using 15% hard red flour from Grist & Toll and 85% regular AP flour. Overnight cold ferment. 475 degrees.

Very tasty bread. The Grist & Toll flour adds a nice earthiness. The crust ended up being very crunchy and thicker than usual. Not that this was a bad thing. Wondering if this was from the overnight cold rise.


Beautiful loaf! I can practically smell it.
The overnight rise does develop gluten so that might have been the cause of the crust’s extra dimension. Did you use a steam pan? That gives both oven spring and a good crust.

Dutch oven covered for 30 mins than uncovered for 20 mins. I think this is our new favorite but still experimenting.

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The heat of the pot would also contribute to a thicker crust.
I have to say that looks so much better than the first one you posted. Great job!

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The latest Pullman / pan de mie with a bit of Red Fife and Reluctant Trading’s black pepper inclusion

Very light crumb; a little bien cuit i was baking in an unfamiliar oven. Over all in very happy how it came out.

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