The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread

We buy them in bulk at Sprouts when the 5lb bag goes on sale.

They are our favorites.


I’ll have to try these I’m a sour gummies addict


They are addicting lol


I try to avoid carbonated beverages but do like the flavor of Spindrift. Is there some other product that is similar but not carbonated? I’ve tried a couple of different aqua fresca-type things but they tend to be much more pricey.

This, I think.

Thanks. I’ve tried Hint but found the flavor to be so subtle I wouldn’t even call it a hint. I DO drink Vitamin Water and the similar one sold at Costco, but am always looking for new ones.

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I miss Fruit Water.

It’s bball season and been seeing commercials about these ruffles for the past 2 months. These are pretty damn good and I snagged the last bag at my local pavillions. But all these chemically snacks always give me a tummy ache after I eat them.


Yeah, those are a favorite of mine, too. Taste kind of like a spicy version of their Queso flavor (definitely my favorite flavor).

Damn I want carbs lol

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Second attempt included the above, plus Nestle Quik and Manner Chocolate Wafers. No photo as had to defend bowl from this feline:


I feel like the cheddar bay biscuits at red lobster don’t taste as good as they used to.

All you can eat shrimp is back. The service was slow as hell but still relatively enjoyable for 22 bucks.


The ice cream options at McDonalds Brazil are so much better. Each McD I walked by has a small little counter where they just sell ice cream outside. I got a small cone which was 1/2 the size of a US cone and it came out to $0.60. These are more like sugar cones but not as sweet. So much better than the cardboard cake cones we are subjected to in the states.


Their biscuit mix in a box is darn tasty.


You’re in Brazil??? We used to have an apt in Rio and LOVE it! I was reminding Bob recently of the time we ate at KFC. Real plates, cutlery, bussed the tables.


Yes I’m in São Paulo for a very quick business trip. Once I’m back I will post reviews of 2 amazing dinners out here. One was at Alex Atala’s new restaurant and a unique restaurant built around a 200 year old tree where I ate some delicious beef.


Just looked at his site. That price in US$ not bad at all. Bad for them.

Looking forward to reading it.

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It is sad they don’t translate “swirl” into Portuguese. Such a wonderful evocative word.

I couldn’t find “swirl” but I do know that some words don’t have a translation. For instance our builder didn’t speak any English so I would leave post-it’s. I wanted dimmer switches in several places. I looked up “dimmer” and “switch” and wrote those. Turns out the word is pronounced “jimmer” which is spelled “dimmer.”