The Menu (2022) - Film

I saw the trailer for this upcoming movie in front of Men today, and I am very intrigued. It’s got the tone of a horror/dark comedy mash up and I will be delighted if it can skewer me to death :joy:

It’s produced by Adam McKay, and has some Succession alums behind the camera.

I haven’t been able to find the trailer online, but if it’s playing now in theaters it should pop up soon.


How’d you like Men? I walked in during Nicole’s Welcome so maybe missed The Menu trailer, which I haven’t seen or heard of

Did you see Boiling Point?

Nah haven’t seen Boiling Point but I’ll check it out!

The Menu was the first trailer that played during my showing, so yeah must have missed it. The cast looks stacked.

I liked Men–the whole ending was just one big what the fuck–and the performances were really great. I’ve always like Alex Garland’s films and how he leaves things up to interpretation. That said, I have no desire to see this movie again :sweat_smile: unlike his other movies.

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That is a great review of Men :joy:

I just started Boiling Point, been wanting to watch it for a while. Not sure how I feel about it so far

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Give us an update when you finish!

It’s worth a watch. I’m not sure I agree with 99% RT :joy: but I’m pretty judgmental as I used to work in restaurants. Anything done in one take is always impressive though

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Saw the trailer last night, it looks great

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Here’s the trailer!


So, they’re eating the rich, right? Given it’s Adam McKay it seemed like a farcical/literal take on the phrase. Plus the Judas goats in the beginning…


Anyone else see it this weekend? I think @Armillaria did?

I LOVED it. Just felt like it was roasting me–absolutely hilarious (especially the first half). My friends and I were cackling all the way to the end.


I enjoyed it very much. Kinda nail on some social profiles for the typical fine dining eaters out there… Wouldn’t mind to see it again. It’s funny in a painfully sadistic way, which is very relatable. Fucking eaters :sweat_smile::hamburger: which side are you @rlw :joy:

Speaking of food related movie, there is a heart warming one called Table for Six that is quite relax to watch, too. Not a master piece of sort but very enjoyable.


Oh I’d definitely be killed :joy: I’m not sure getting the jokes about how much of a blowhard I can be would save me


That Passard Egg for winning hide and seekwas my favorite bit :rofl: