The New York Times reviews Locol?

so 0 stars…

Satisfacdtory equals zero.

You gotta respect the critic who gives 0 stars to an establishment slanging $5 hamburgers to under-served communities.

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You’re being ironic ?

Like rain on your wedding day. Or a free ride, when you’ve already paid.


So, not ironic at all.

Though in fact, you were being properly ironic. (meaning the opposite of what is actually said/written).


“The most nutritious burger on earth won’t help you if you don’t want to eat it.”

The Oakland branch of Lokol, which he reviewed, is in Uptown, which is about as far from needy or under-served as possible. It’s roughly Oakland’s equivalent of downtown LA, but with more of a balance of office buildings and condos. It has the liveliest nightlife of any neighborhood in town. There are over 50 restaurants and bars within two or three blocks.

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Why in the world would they open it here? Seems against everything they are trying to do.

I presume because Patterson already had the space.

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The man responds.


So Choi concedes the food is meh.


Is that choi or patterson?


Wells liked some of the food. I trust the chicken nuggets were as bad as he said. “Satisfactory” is a couple of notches up from the bottom rating.

I appreciate both Wells’ review and Choi’s response.

As much as artists of all stripes will, at some point in their careers, begrudge the criticisms of those who have the luxury of judging from a comfortable distance with no skin in the game and zero first-hand knowledge of the many struggles that factor into their act of creation, the fact remains that constructive feedback drives people to reevaluate, innovate and continue to push forward. Imagine if every restaurant customer of every restaurant proclaimed the food to be absolutely delicious and without fault, how is the chef to know what is actually working verse what isn’t? Sometimes we need to hear unpleasant things in order to get better.

And on that note, Choi recognized that Wells’ review is simply one opinion (albeit a powerful one) among many, and that that it shouldn’t be excused or explained away but instead used as a reference point to keep working to make things better.

Full disclosure: I’ve never eaten at Locol so this isn’t a commentary on the accuracy of the review itself, just a response to those that believe Wells acted badly in criticizing Locol, which I think we can all agree is a commendable endeavor.


Right. In other words, meh.

He recommended some dishes. I’d say meh would be fair or poor.

Sure, but you’re not me.