The state of BBQ in Irvine

Funniest review ever (not exactly current, but worth reading just for the entertainment):


I was not prepared for this. It’s almost impressive how dry that looks.

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You think that’s dry? You haven’t seen anything yet!


Finally found the sauce:

The brisket is marinated for 24 hours, cooked sous vide for 72 hours and then finished in the smoker for three hours, so definitely not Texas-style.

Amateurs I have you guys beat

Dry, sad, disgusting brisket that has been GRILLED this is a Texan BBQ snob worst nightmare come true

The only good respectable bbq was when Kevin Bludso’s was at the Compton location (R.I.P.)

So Cal is a joke for American BBQ


Woah! Where’s that?!

The Corner 10th in Long Beach.

Came around opening time and I got a feeling NOTHING was ready to serve as I waited 15 minutes so they probably said, “Fuk it throw it on the grill to finish cooking”.

Also not pictured was the cold beans, the cold and hard cornbread, and the ribs that was completely burnt up.

This was the saddest meal I had in years.

Refund? You can’t be Tyler from PA can you?


Just boiled meat .

Well you can always wear it on your feet when hiking .


Believe it or not this place in NoHo,, actually has good brisket. Its from the flat, not the point, but its not dry and it has a decent amount of smoke. When they first opened they had an unpleasant predilection to conflate soul food with health food, i.e. no pork in the otherwise stellar greens, but they changed management and added pork last time I was there. Unfortunately they also dropped the great hummingbird cake, but greens are more important than dessert. Tiny place, no seating except a few outside tables, but good brisket. Agree though that good barbecue is very rare here. Gave Boneyard Bistro another chance after five years because my wife wanted to do DineLA there. Big mistake. Ribs were mummified. Sucked all the juice out of my mouth.

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Damn, homie.

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Just confirming @ebethsdad you’re saying the brisket is good @ blackbottom post the management change a few months back?

It was last time I tried it. Its been a few months. If not I will treat you to your meal.

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BTW, and slightly off topic (thank God this isn’t Chowhounds), you definitely should check out the District Pub. I think it has reopened. I am going to write it up next time I go there. I think you will love it!

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Speaking of not-really-BBQ, there’s always Phil’s in San Diego, where BBQ means grilled meat. No low-and-slow anything.

It is a funny one!

Phil’s is good in a pinch and one of the places we pick up food to eat at Modern Times because it is nearby but it’s not BBQ. I’ll never understand why there are lines out the door. Call ahead.

Phil’s also sells solo beef ribs. I would go there for that…but never wait in that line.