Tim Ho Wan Coming To Irvine

Hope it’s better than the NY branch.


Any news on when it’ll officially open?

No. My daughter sent this picture from Diamond Jamboree today.

Hopefully she can kindly give us an update whenever it opens! :grinning:

That’s the old capital noodle spot?

Yes, opening this winter at the abandoned Capital Seafood location.

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“Yes hi id like a dozen orders of pork buns to go please”

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Get in line.

Dear God, the parking in that plaza is about to get infinitely worse. Looking forward to checking it out.

Park at J Zhou. Walk the 3 blocks for a bang bang.


Just park in the parking structure next to H-Mart.


This might not be as big of a deal as it first seemed. The East Village location in Manhattan is no great shakes except for the crispy pork buns and the three hour waits have evaporated as people discovered it was a one trick pony. Meanwhile a second US location has already opened in Honolulu, a second NY location is opening soon near Times Square and today they announced a branch will open in the Palms in Las Vegas. Can you say dilution?

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Sounds like they’re trying to be the HK version of DTF.

Having said that, crispy pork buns before a show at the Pearl sounds amazing

They’ve already opened up way too many locations all over…definitely cheapened the brand but socking up handsome profits I suppose.

Was the HK location of THW much better than Elite, Sea Harbor or Dragon Beaux? I’ve never been to any dim sum places outside of the US and Hakkasan in the UK.

it’s a one trick pony (the crispy pork buns), but it’s quite the trick. And the SoCal joints don’t have it…

I wouldn’t say that Tim Ho Wan is much better than California’s best, but it is clearly a small step ahead. If they bring their Hong Kong quality here, people will line up for it.

I don’t see it being HK quality, but I do think it’ll be better than the NY location and will be better than the recently announced LV location.

What is LV branch of THW competing against? Ping Pang Pong and Joyful House? Bar isn’t exactly high over there.

Well locating in Greenwich Village and Times Square in New York, Waikiki in Honolulu and a large casino in Las Vegas, it looks like Tim Ho Wan wasn’t necessarily targeting the normal dim sum market. Perhaps by opening up in Irvine they might be looking to up the ante quality wise (said while crossing fingers).