Tony Chen (via Eater LA): The Essential Guide to San Gabriel Valley, America's Asian Food Mecca

Our own @TonyC provides the essential guide to the SGV, aka America’s Asian Food Mecca.


whoa, Mama Lu is back @ DSW?

Borneo-specific cuisine!

Yeah that was the takeaway I got. I’m going to DSW stat.

Your own, or OUR own? :smiley:

Would love to hear the LA crowds view on Boiling Point, which is #2 on the list. We just got one up here in Norcal and the lines are incredible. yet, the one time we managed to get in, i found it pretty mediocre. I got the stinky tofu pot and my wife tried one of their more mainstream ones. We both walked out thinking the flavors were ok and the pots weren’t really all that chockful.

I know its a somewhat different concept, but for our money, I much prefer going to Jazzy Cat as i find the broths better and the ingredients more plentiful.

Curious if we just ordered the wrong things or what…

My experience was the same as yours. Insane lines at all locations down here. Perhaps it’s a value play, or maybe my Cantonese taste buds don’t match up.

Boiling Point lines semi manufactured by the tiny space and the time it takes to eat your food. But why do they wait? The garlic sauce? The value? The food is average. I see kids lined up all the time in the dead of summer and 100 degrees outside.

interesting. so i’m not missing anything… ha, i just thought i wasn’t cool enough.

Ohmigod, I haven’t even been to like half of these restaurants! Have some homework to do. The limited hrs make DSW hard for me to do, but I should have some free time coming up shortly…

Great list, TC
Answer my question about Laoxi Noodle House.

Information for Uncle Yu’s (#29) is wrong–map marker is on the wrong place, and its address isn’t included, instead listed as “Home (private).”

The correct address is:

633 S San Gabriel Blvd Ste 105
San Gabriel, CA 91776

i went once. perhaps it reflected our choices, but all the dishes we ordered all tasted the same.

there are 6 i haven’t visited, half by choice,

i still prefer banh mi my tho, not much into bakeries/hot pot.

Oxtail soup = laksa = rujak = gado gado = nasi kampur? All very different in flavor so I’m guessing it was in your choices.

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Went to the Artesia location today for lunch, based on @TonyC 's mention in the article. There was a small crowd around noon, but the tables turned rather quickly and the wait time wasn’t unbearable. All of the servers seemed pretty happy to be there and were all very attentive without being obsequious. I had the beef hot soup with medium spice with a complimentary black iced tea. Was it amazing? Not really, but rather satisfying. I’d like to go back and try another flavor or two, but I cannot imagine waiting longer than the 10-15 minutes that I did. I feel like the value for lunch is quite fair. And it’s a nice addition to that strip mall: a younger, more energized vibe in stark contrast to the weather-worn patina of Ten Ten Seafood a few doors down.

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it’s been over a year so i had to go back and review. four of us ordered 4 dishes to share family style.

the rice and noodle dishes were essentially the same thing with a different carb.

but one of my lunch companions went back the same weekend and took his family and had the same kind of response. a chacun son gout.

I guess you can prove your point in what you choose to order - don’t know if it was intentional or just what you wanted - but the dishes that I listed above are some of the things we typically order and DO taste very differently from each other. And thanks for the French lessons. I have to look these phrases up and learn something new each time!

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frankly, i don’t need to prove anything as much as i was responding to apparent invalidation of my experience.

Well, I could have told you back in September that Mama Lu was back. Apparently, it was mentioned on Yelp much earlier. Such is the attention paid by us to Yelp nowadays :slight_smile:

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