Tsujita Glendale

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Dumpling Front (Din Tai Fungs) slowly moves West.
Ramen Front (Tsujitas) slowly moves East.
Where they crash, in the middle, pork fat rains down.


it’s gonna be pretty slammed here. I’m glad they took over the old Chi Dynasty space. Plenty of room.

Damnit. I just moved to Vancouver. I was WALKING DISTANCE from the americana!!!

damnit damnit damnit.


They open tonight (11/30)

And possibly free ramen?

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You get Richmond / Burnaby. Not bad.


True. Thus far the best Ramen I’ve found is Jinya, downtown. There’s one place in the west end that’s not bad, and an apparently very popular one in Kitsalano called Danbo which seems WAY too average for its apparent popularity.

Any suggestions most heartily welcome. (doesn’t have to be ramen, either)

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Off topic, but have you tried Kintaro Ramen?

I’m excited about this but scared about the lines they’ll have. Not even going to attempt for a while.

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That’s the one on the north side of the west end on Denham, right? I’ve passed it a couple of times but haven’t had the time to stop in. I have tried Ramen Koika on Davie, which is a very nice, lighter broth, and they NAILED the egg, which might be my favorite bite in any given bowl. I didn’t really give it the time I should have, but I’d only just arrived to town and was still mid apartment hunt, so I was really occupied.

I went to the grand opening last night. The menu offers appetizers, salads, entrees, and a dessert that are not available on Sawtelle. Even with the new options I still caved and ordered the char siu tsukemen. I’m glad to report the broth is as rich and the egg is as perfect as they are on Sawtelle. The space is much bigger–there’s room for about 50 people seated at both communal and regular tables/booths. The water jugs have adorable custom denim sleeves. And they accept credit cards!

Looked like a few restaurants (Shin Sen Gumi, Shunji, some others) sent them flower bouquets. Ramen and tsukemen are free today and tomorrow if you like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram (they will charge you a couple bucks if you add the pork slices, though).


what we really want to know is how bad were the lines

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Put my name down at 5:40, doors opened at 6:00, was seated by 6:15. On the way out around 7:15, overheard the hostess say the wait was 45 minutes.


Yes! (when I Google mapped it just now)

Ran by at 9:45pm on Thursday night (day after opening) and the wait was an hour and 15 for two.

Went across the street to a very agreeable meal at Lao Sze Chuan instead.

Big Fan of Lao Sze

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Great black sesame soup mochis for dessert at LSC…

I wonder what’s going to happen when Tony Hu goes to prison in February.