Vancouver for a week

I’ve looked under the Vancouver section but I did not find what I am seeking.
Are there any equivalent to say, Ink, Chi Spicca, Republic, Providence, Otium or, Shunji? As I have heard that Vancouver’s or perhaps Richmond’s Chinese food is better or as good as our SGV’s.
So in this local section, I post my Canadian question. What are the most FTC worthy restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond : Please summarize and name your top 5. If this post will be assigned elsewhere so be it.

This and this weren’t helpful at all?

L’Abbatoir. So great.

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Just going to list some restaurants I tried recently & that seem to be trending amongst my friends. Sorry for kind of, not really answering your question… :joy:

Western Lake Chinese seafood for dim sum - was here on Tuesday at 11:45 and the wait was ~30-40mins. According to my parents this place is trending amongst Chinese folk atm, even though their yelp is only 3.5. This place has great serving size and price imo.

Suika - no wait for late night dinner, but heard it gets busy. Didn’t order much because I had already eaten, but tried the sable fish and salmon cheeks. Both really good!

Jam for breakfast/brunch - my friends keep raving about this place, but the line is huge! like 30 deep. I guess similar brunch wait as Sqirl and Republique. I ended up bailing and going to Chambar where there was no wait. (tip: chambar and cafe medina have the same menu apparently)

Cafe Medina for breakfast/brunch - another popular spot. Paella :+1: Waffles :-1:

UYU soft serve - heard it’s amazing

MISTER ice cream - trending on the IG atm

Phenom Penh - not something new, but I always mention it. Butter beef is their star dish.

La Belle Patate for poutine - if you want an alternative to Fritz. It’s nothing fancy really, but gotta get poutine in Canada… right?

Revolver coffee - super hipster, super great coffee

Purebread - amazing pastry/bread spread! Just around the corner from popular Meat & Bread and Revolver Coffee

It was good but I wasn’t blown away by it. For sure stay away from the desserts. Mains and apps are good.

I was pretty happy with my list and choices. Man, still dreaming of Oyama at Granville.

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