Visiting SF from LA and Need Cantonese - Sam Wo?

I’ll be in SF again in a week or so, and I usually bring back Chinese food for a friend. He likes the old-school SF Chinese, not adventurous at all, but he is discerning within that parameter. Good beef, flavorful sauces, fresh vegetables, etc.

I was thinking of trying Sam Wo this time around.
I usually get House of Nanking or R&G, and he likes those. I’ve brought food from other places that was okay, but don’t remember the names.

I’m staying in the Mission, but will be in the Financial District/Ferry Building area a lot. It’s a busy trip, so I would like to stick to those areas.


Back to LA?

Let’s hope not.

Just what we need down here is another category of Chinese food – “old-school SF-style Canto”.



He likes old school NY and SF Chinatown-type food. Don’t judge. Sometimes our friends don’t have the same likes we do.

Why does everyone think that’s weird? It’s only a 45-minute flight. I’m sure you’ve had deliveries take longer.

I leave it in the fridge overnight to chill, then take it home with me. I live right by the airport.

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'Cept it can take 30 to 60 minutes to get to SFO, to check in an hour ahead. Etc.

But are you asking for good Cantonese?

Yes! Thank you.

Pipa duck at Hakkasan

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Nice place! I’ll try to check it out next time, but I prefer to eat in the restaurant for that kind of money, fresh from the kitchen. And enjoy the view while I eat.

can’t you still dine in and get your friend takeout?

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I already have dinner plans with people. I’m only there three nights.

That’s sort of what we do here.

Have you, or your friend, read this sub-thread?

Lol, I forgot. And it’s why I like it here.

Now you know the going rate you can charge your friend.

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He only reads about sports. I read it, I thought it was funny.

Still have no idea if I should try Sam Wo or somewhere else…

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Maybe it might help if you can describe what “old-school SF Chinese” is (or at least what your friend considers it to be).

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You’re just messing with me now. Everyone knows what old-school Chinese food is; it’s what your grandparents consider Chinese food: Americanized Cantonese.

Beef and broccoli
Egg Foo young
Fried rice
Chow mien
Sweet and sour pork
Tangerine beef
General Tso Chicken
Egg rolls
Wonton soup, egg drop soup
Paper-wrapped chicken
Etc., etc.

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You asked for “old school SF Chinese” with the implication that SF old school Chinese would be different than just typical old school Chinese, especially because you are bring it back from SF to LA.

So which is it? Is old school SF Chinese unique all unto itself, or do you just want typical old school Chinese. If the latter then there’s really no need for personal air courier delivery from SF to LA because there’s plenty in LA.

So you’re actually looking for Chinese-American food not Cantonese.

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