What baseball stadium has the best food?

Here it comes…baseball Opening Day is March 31st. After a 2-year hiatus, I would finally like to catch a few games in person. Might travel a bit, too. What stadiums have the best restaurants and food concessions, in your experience? In the past, I have found the food options at Citi Field better than Yankee Stadium though that may have changed. How about in your part of the country?

Your Name Here Park in SF has some good food but it’s literally in the farthest corners, at the southwestern end of the top level and the southeastern end of the bottom behind the bleachers.

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Don’t know how current the posts are, but I found this site: https://thestadiumreviews.com

I particularly like the crab sandwich they have at WhateverIt’sCalled. My partner is a huge baseball fan, so I am occasionally subject to ballgames. I don’t mind the Giants ones.