What do you order at In-N-Out

I get the double-double-animal-style-with-whole-grilled-onions-extra-toast medium well fries and a strawberry vanilla shake. Sometimes i mix it up and get raw onions instead of the whole grilled for that extra crunch.


3x2 animal style both kinds of onions X toast bun
Fries welll
Large lemonade


2 hamburgers.


I like to maintain carb-balance, and avoid dehydration.


I haven’t had beef in a week. InO is calling my name.

3x2 or 4x2 depending on how hungry I am. Fries well done. Water. Extra spread for fries.

When you get a 4x2, which of the two patties have no cheese slice to coddle?

I think it varies by who makes it. Most of the time it is the middle ones that are cheese less in my experience.

So basically two 2x1 on top of each other?

Those lazy-ass In N Out workers … Where’s the ambition.

Do their fries still suck ? Been to INO about three times when travelling . First couple times I was there . Beautiful fries medium cut and crispy ; Then on my last visit , puny , cut the size of McDonalds and tasted like cardboard .Limp and terrible . Anyone have the same experience ? I liked the burgers .

Cheeseburger, whole grilled onion, add pickles, protein-style…so I have plenty of room for animal-style fries well done with extra spread on the side. I find the well done fries hold up better with all the toppings. Usually, no drink…but on occasion, I’ll go pink lemonade or neopolitan shake.

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Ask for the fries well done. Regular In-N-Out fries are too soggy and limp for me.

I have never found a way to rescue their fries: they are caught in a dilemma; they use fresh potatoes (good), but they don’t double fry them (not good). The result is either soggy or tough. Granted with toppings the inadequacy of the fries can be mitigated, but let’s face it - great burgers deserve great fries and INO’s are never there. I wish they could be ordered double fried instead of well done, but the timing wouldn’t work. It is what it is.


I get a cheeseburger animal-style w extra grilled onions and chopped chiles, Hamburger with fresh onion, fries and a water.

damn, this thread makes me hungry!!

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What are the two types of onions? (Apparently there are raw, fried-chopped, and fried-whole, maybe there are others as well?)

No one does chopped chilis eh?

When you ask for both kinds of onions they give you the standard white + standard grilled onions.

I’m not fond of the whole grilled onions.

I need to try this out next time, interesting. I’ve always been a straight up Animal Style person. Chopped chilis are a fun touch as well though sometimes.

Mustard-grilled single cheeseburger, pity about their fries though.

2 Double-doubles, raw and grilled onions, chopped yellow peppers.

I never get fries because I think they suck.

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I understand the hate for the fries but fries well and 2 sides of spread is still pretty good.

Never really understood the appeal of fries with burgers. Or the need to have fries with a burger.

Love fries, and have no problem getting them with a burger if the fries are really good. But if the fries suck then I’m more than happy just to get an extra burger.

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