What is your usual In-N-Out order?

Double Double Animal. If I get fries, which is rare, I get them Animal Style.

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Not seeing any well-done burger orders. Want that crusty goodness of a smashburger? Order your In ‘n’ Out burger well-done. I think this actually helps develop more flavor from the patties.

Want the meaty cheesy decadence of a Philly cheesesteak?
Get a 3x3, well done, whole grilled onions, chopped chilis, hold the lettuce.
The meat x cheese x onion ratios here are very similar to a Philly cheesesteak and ticks all the same boxes.


I wasn’t planning on having in n out today but looks like that has changed.

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Awesome! Let me know what you think.
Just to be clear, they are not going to smash the burger on the griddle. The hope is that “well-done” will achieve a little bit of char on the meat. The char creates a more enjoyable textural contrast in the burger, for me. And the burger doesn’t really lose any juiciness.


I thought I was a professional in n out guy (my band in college even had a song about In-N-Out that was on MTV, the lyrics were “double double whole grilled animal fries!”), never done well done burger need to do ASAP!


Double meat with extra veggies (lettuce/tomato/ whole onion)!

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3x3 with grilled onions and (when I remember they do not automatically come with it) pickles. Hold the lettuce and tomato.

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I gotta try this Philly style burger!

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A super poorly constructed 3 x 3 animal style with extra grilled onions, whole grilled onion, raw onion and chopped chilis. With a side of extra crunchy potato sticks!

Wasn’t put in the wrapper well so the top bun was pressed down exposing everything.

I LOVE onion. But the fresh onion here didn’t fit for me.

On a side note, it was so messy that I probably ate half the paper without knowing it. Fiber boost.


Those fries I looking amazing though!

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Yeah, the in-n-out in Sherman Oaks does the best crunchy well-done of any location I’ve been to.

Super hot crunchy potato sticks.


Gotta do whole grilled onion!

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New In-N-Out secret menu option unlocked: Goat style.


so i’ve been going to in n out almost every day (don’t ask why)…

and the sure fire method of getting the extra well done fries is to ask specifically for “fries well done and fried for 7 minutes”. You can specify the exact length of the fry. Thank me later.


Wow this is a new life hack I need to try.

Don’t be ashamed of eating in-n-our everyday it keeps the doctor away lol

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Yes, that is absolutely a better way to describe their “fries.”

I almost never go to In-N-Out, but I think I will need to try @skramzlife’s hack…

Oh man, I wouldn’t wanna be in the car behind you at the In-N-Out Drive-Thru when that order goes in…

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“7-minute fries down!”
“Whole-grilled onions down!”


I prefer to call them “spread delivery vehicles”


CRISPY spread delivery vehicles, sir! :wink:

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