What Makes A Great Salsa? Salsas and Mexican Cooking

LOL…you do you, now you sound like Michael Symon.

I like heat and I like you momma’s advice, so seeds it is,or at least half the seeds :grin:

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Don’t forget to use a little of the liquid too!

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My cookbook club has been cooking from My Mexico City Kitchen the past few weeks.

Gabriela Camara is the chef/owner of Contramar in Mexico City and Cala in San Francisco, altho’ I think Cala is now officially closed. I love Contramar and I’m finding I really like this book.

Salsa de Chiles Seco y Tomatillos.

This uses a LOT of dried chiles and I was a bit concerned that it would be more on the incindiary side…NOT. It’s got some punch to it, but I was truly surprised at how flavorful it is. Perfect heat level, you’re going to know it’s there, but better still is the perfect marriage of some tomatillos, some chiles, a little garlic and a little salt.

Chorizo Rojo

Chorizo Rojo is in the fridge curing. The holes are for aeration.
I tasted the pickling mixture before I added it to the meat and really liked it. Ask in in 3 days if I still like it :laughing:

Papas y rajas…comfort food in my book if ever there was

Huevos Libaneses…Lebanese Eggs

I first had this dish at a place in Oaxaca where it was served with the addition of chorizo or a lamb sausage. It was a delicious dish, but I had never seen it in a Mexican cookbook. In this recipe you make an herb lebneh and then simply saute off some onions and serranos, then bake the eggs. Top with za’atar and serve with warm pita. A surprisingly memorable dish.

Arroz Verede con Camarones

Super easy dish. Needed a bit more punch to it and 16/20 shrimp are no stand-in for prawns

Tacos de Tinga de Pollo

Chicken Tinga tacos. If Mexican cuisine has a “little black dress” I’d certainly nominate chicken tinga. Dress it up or dress it down, it goes with everything.


Looks delicious :yum:!

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It was :grin:

I just added smoked salt to my guac…NEXT LEVEL.


It looks it!

Well… who knew Harry’s Berries makes Salsa?Delicious ones at that!

I bought them as a consolation prize because I was late to the market and they sold-out of strawberries. I really didn’t expect much, but should’ve, as they also grow delicious tomatoes. It’s fresh, bright, but best is the perfect balance of ingredients. The “hot” can have big heat depending on the batch and the “mild” isn’t too far behind. We mow thru it and I now get it every week. Living in L.A. definitely makes one lazy about making homemade salsas! :tomato: :two_hearts:


hi @TheCookie,

I’ve seen their salsa every week but never thought to try it, thanks for the report it looks :heart: :blush: :heart:

btw, the gaviotas are starting to become :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

p.s. don’t bother with their seascape sorbets.


I get the Harry’s Berries Salsa then pop by Salsas Acapulco’s stand for the chips. :hearts::blush::hearts: Salsa yum!

Agree about the Sorbet. Shhh… it’s never done it for me.

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Btw i made the tomato salsa from the Sonoratown book. Just subbed out chile de árbol for pequin (because I love the flavor and heat). Very good.