What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

Looks amazing. We hadn’t been to a farmer’s market in 2+ years (since pre COVID). But enough was enough and I was tired of eating Whole Food’s mealy, flavorless stone fruits. So, this weekend we hit our local farmer’s market and got some of Ken’s Top Notch mango nectarines. Good god, I’d forgotten what I was missing. I don’t even have any pictures because our family of four wolfed down 5 large nectarines in about 2 minutes. Perfectly ripe after set on the counter for a few days, juicy, perfect texture, no mealyness, balance of sweet with a touch of tart and redolent of mango aroma. Close your eyes and you could almost trick yourself into thinking it was a great mango with undertones of nectarine.


That’s why you buy the Mara des Bois plants from Chino!!!

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Get the Matsumotos from Good Eggs while you can. The great thing about Tenerelli, besides being obscenely good, is they’re High Desert and grow into the Fall.

If they’re out, keep on checking or text GoodEggs and ask.

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That’s a relief! My little Venice farmers market made the cut.

The yellow peaches from Regier are excellent right now. I’m not loving the crispness of the white peaches though.

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Did you let the white peaches sit out for a few days? Our firmer peaches soften up very quickly (I like my peaches soft).

Yeah I have but I’m giving them some more time to soften up since I’m not liking where they are at the moment.

Today’s update on the Sugar Giants


Oh my bad they had em on Wednesday. To me this week’s stone fruit winner was Spice Zee Nectaplums from Burkhart a couple stalls down. Two different mediocre watermelons this week; this year I’m doomed to get either super sweet super mushy or super crisp and juicy but sour so think I’ll just pick ‘em up from a regular store next. The non watermelon melons have been uniformly incredible from Finley and Weiser tho.

Oh and the Valencia Mangos are incredible as usual. Probably only a week or two more.


One more thing…shishitos are like $10+/lb now ($10 at Finley, $12 at Flora Bella, $5/little box at Garden Of). Gonna have to grow some of my own next year!

I need to lift weights for melon season (or just bite the bullet and get a cart). Feels like peak summer now; tons of melons, corn, berries, and stone fruit. And of course, those amazing worth every penny mangos.


Any good melon types or purveyors?

I love melons but I feel like I get skunked way too often.


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There’s this green and yellow one from Finley called I think Sweet and Sour that I have a 100% hit rate on. Consistently good. Weiser has the most variety though I haven’t had a great watermelon season from them (the one I opened today is really good though). Tutti Frutti had good watermelons last year though I haven’t gotten any of theirs this year yet.
Tons of other options too.

Not farmers market, but last year, I liked some of these special kiss melon types available at places like Ralphs and Trader Joes.


Get all your orange and green melons from Weiser Family Farms. No idea where to get a great watermelon.


Got one B+ and one A- level watermelon from Weiser this week. But honestly my hit rate at farmers market is not significantly higher on watermelons than it is at like Ralph’s


I got the Sugar Giants in Pasadena today, now waiting for them to soften

Here’s this year’s Tenerelli Ripening Chart:


I’m looking forward to the Somersets next month.


Patented sub-acid.

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Any local leads for the fabled Brentwood corn?