What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

Underwood Farm Market in Somis, CA

Felt like peak pepper today at SMFM. Just all over the place, and prices a couple of bucks lower per pound than a few weeks ago. Tons of stone fruit and melons everywhere as well. Mangos appear to have switched to Keit from Valencia Pride; I arrived too late for any immediately ripe ones. Oh and the first Asian Pears of the season

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In SoCal? Wrong Brentwood?

Yes I’m looking for the fabled NorCal Brentwood corn in SoCal

There’s a brentwood corn risotto on the menu at Knife Pleat. I had it last year, delicious

Maybe ask them who they’re getting the corn from

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The Brentwood corn I got at Berkeley Bowl the other day was nothing special. Didn’t taste like sugared lawn clippings, but there wasn’t much corn flavor.

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From Galpin Family Farms IG story:



(2011 story so some of the market info is probably outdated)

“The most distinctive and enigmatic stone fruit in markets currently is the Indian Blood Freestone peach. The first thing you’ll note is its intense rose-like aroma, which can fill a room with peachy perfume. The fruits look like nothing else, with thick white fuzz over mottled red and creamy white skin, which can give them an odd gray-green cast; the flesh is snowy white with blotches of red — occasionally it can be spectacularly, fully red, almost like a beet.

When really ripe — look for specimens that are plump and rounded near the stem end, with a vibrant cream background color — they’ve got a great balance of sweetness and acidity, and a unique berrylike or vinous flavor. Both the color and taste carry through famously well in ice cream.“


“Enigmatic”? Hmm.

Barhi season!!!

Also sapotes to go along with the avalanche of stone fruit, tomatoes, and peppers.


That’s a great chart. My last few peach batches from Scott’s have not been as good as previous ones. The flesh is still marvelous, but the skins have had a really off-putting bitterness. But it looks like there’s still hope left in the season! I’m waiting for a batch that I purchased from the vendor “across” from Scott’s (can’t recall the name) to soften; it’s the first time I’ve tried them. They had what they referred to as a “baking” peach. Not as intensely sweet (or large), but still quite pleasant.

Which vendors do people like for their tomatoes?

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Honestly this time of year it is impossible to go wrong. Tutti frutti, muniak, beylik,valdivia, smith, McGrath and I’m definitely omitting a ton.


For me Coastal Organic was a cut above the rest with unique varietals and dry farming which led to fantastic flavor.

The rest are ‘very good’ but all the same really. No one has stepped up to take the crown after he left farming