What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

Flat of strawberries from Las Posas in Camarillo. Beautifully ripe and sweet. Peak strawberry season. Thanks to my friends parents for bringing down for us.


I forgot to take pictures but picked up tomatoes, corn, nectarines strawberries, and cherries at Tapia Bros. today. They are probably the safest place to shop I have been to as it is all outdoors and there is plenty of space to distance. They are great people and the products is always good. I was doing a run for the neighborhood and ordered 14 ears of corn. They gave me 17. They almost always slip in something extra. Definitely worth it if you are in the Valley.


Literally pass this place on the way to work. Never been but will have to try based on your rec.

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Their tomatoes, while excellent, are old school - no heirlooms (which come to think of it heirlooms are more old school than hybrids). Excellent cherries right now. Haven’t tried the nectarines yet. I think you will like it.


And for those of you with toddlers (or who are just young at heart): Tapia Bros. usually features a fun corn maze around Halloween time yearly… A piece of the country life, right near Encino!


Does anybody know if the Irvine FM at Mariners Church on Saturday is still drive thru only?

Yes it is still only drive through at the Saturday Irvine FM at Mariners church. Here is the line up. About 45 minute wait.


Best corn I’ve ever had. It’s a little early? How is it?

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It wasn’t stellar like their corn usually is. I would wait a few more weeks.

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I love that we can put date reminders on bookmarks now.