What's cookin'?

lazy lunch: microwaved leftover rice with sauerkraut and condiments

pasticcio: Cream Co. ground beef, Pomi, oregano, Riverdog kale, Pecorino Romano, rigatoni, bechamel

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Enough for two servings? Add olive oil, anchovies, cauliflower, and penne. Too monochromatic to be photogenic.

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Spanakopita-ish frittata: olive.oil, onions, kale, eggs, oregano, feta.

Got some beautiful Chiogga beets in the CSA box yesterday. First course, penne with beet greens, red spring onion, and Pecorino Romano.

Second course, beets vinaigrette with (regular) red onion.

Russian salad inspired by Gabrielle Hamilton’s piece in the NY Times this week. I substituted canned Le Sueur for frozen peas, threw in some leftover marinated beets, adjusted quantities to taste, and ignored the insane-seeming one part cornichon brine to two parts mayo.

Sonoma County Meat Co. merguez, onion, potatoes, TJ’s Great Northern beans, red Russian kale, sauerkraut


Technically counts as cooking. Mamma mia, atsa some spicy XO!

spanakopita / calzone


Ottolenghi’s cauliflower cake is a great dish.


That it is…

For future reference, I used this dough recipe. Had to add a little more water before the dough would come together. Let it rise until doubled, then rolled out. It was really easy to work with. I’ll probably try making pizza with it.

  • 250g bread flour
  • 7g salt
  • 7g dried yeast
  • 20g olive oil
  • 130g water (not enough)

Rustichella penne with broccolo romano, spring red onion, Manchego

Franklin BBQ sausages, Dino kale, Marsh Hen Mill Jimmy Red grits

New phone’s camera is a big improvement.

Can’t keep up with the mandarins we’ve been getting in our CSA box every week, so I squeezed two cups of juice for sherbet. Or maybe I’ll just make tiki drinks.


Started some bok choy kraut. I wish I’d taken a “before salting” picture. This huge salad bowl was full. Ended up fitting into a quart jar.

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Tiki drinks work :grin: :tropical_drink:

I made a tangerine risotto a couple weeks ago that turned out nicely. Served it with halibut the first night and braised short ribs the second. I’d make it agin. If you’re interested I’ll post the recipe.