Where are they now?

Ipsedixit, Servorg. Exilekiss
These 3 come to mind right now.

@ipsedixit and @Chowseeker1999/exilekiss are on hungry onion:


Thank you so much PorkyBelly!

What happened with chowseeker? Feels weird not seeing their posts anymore

i think exilekiss was a different person and not chowseeker


Hungry onion

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I don’t know for sure but I think they are one and the same.


Thanks! Now I know where to find them and their high quality posts…

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I don’t find any record of users named Exilekiss or Servorg here or on HO. Were those old Chowhound posters?

could be, but what are the odds there are two people who write in the same exact style:

  1. capitalizes every ingredient
  2. long, wordy titles for his [Thoughts + Pics]
  3. goes on food “journeys” with “dear friends”
  4. “piping hot” or don’t serve it at all
  5. “legendary”
  6. “taking a bite”
  7. loves langer’s chopped egg & chopped liver sandwich
  8. will never post a picture with his hands or his reflection in the shot

also take a look at the comments section, they all follow the same pattern:

Hi random commenter,

"Thanks :slight_smile: " “yah”








I take a bite…

It’s just SO good! (^_^)

The only regret that entered my mind was how I had missed out on Langer’s for so many years (despite growing up in So Cal, I never made it out to Langer’s until a few years ago). :slight_smile: This tender, Sugar-Cured Corned Beef that’s then smoked for hours is perfectly complemented by the fantastic Rye Bread (made by Bea’s Bakery, and finished in the ovens here at Langer’s). It’s a soft, pillowy Rye, fragrant and lightly tart, with a crunchy crust.

I’ve never had Poutine before, but after seeing what happened to my dear friend Noah, I had a morbid curiosity to see what this dish was like. (^_~) Animal’s Poutine consists of French Fries covered in Oxtail Gravy and Vermont Cheddar and thankfully looks a bit better than what I saw on Canada Day. :slight_smile:

As I look back at the events that have transpired that have led me to this point, I can only close my eyes and weep bitter tears of sorrow. This is the final account of yet another utterly stupid and foolish journey in search of a great dish, this time, the perfect Roast Chicken.

During my 1st visit, I brought along a dear friend (who also happened to be one of the most jaded and critical Hounds I know :P). After the wonderful plating, with absolutely spot-on service, I took a bite of the Chicken Breast without any of the Sauce Albufera:

That was the sole reason for my 7th visit to Marche Moderne, which felt even more fortuitous since my dear friends from Paris and Provence were back in town and I had wrangled them to come along and see how the dishes compared to back home. :slight_smile:

But sometimes we’re reminded of just how lucky we have it - chatting with a dear friend (who lives outside of California) and learning that they have to drive over an hour just to find a Japanese restaurant to eat at**(!)**


Servorg was on CH.

Yep .

Indeed. From the days of yore.

They both have enviably convenient friends: international chowhounds, available to drive far & wide for a meal, able to authenticate the dishes in front of them and validate their hosts every opinion.


i forgot to list @TheCookie’s favorite phrase, “piping hot”:

All customers are also provided with a cup of their Seafood Consomme made with Shrimp Heads, Cabbage and Celery. It’s a focused, peppery, spicy, piping hot cup of soup, slightly briny and delicious.

From the way the menu described it, it sounded like each dish would be cooked to order, so that it would be piping hot and fresh. To be fair, the Natural Chicken Breast was very moist, fresh and had a great smoky flavor that was distinct from the usual charcoal aroma.

But sadly, the Takoyaki already started to “melt” together! Traditionally the Octopus Pastry Balls are served piping hot

While their Fries can be frustratingly inconsistent at times (sometimes it’s crispy, piping hot and fresh, other times, over-salted and over-fried), their Lobster Roll itself continues to satisfy each time I order it.

The amount of Soup Oil and Fat that comes with this packaged Ramen was the perfect amount to trap the heat of the Soup into the bowl itself, keeping every bite of Ramen Noodles and Soup piping hot.

and the beat goes on
da-da-dum, da-dum, da-da


Yah, who’d wanna hang around with us low quality posters?


Oh hush, I saw you over there, too! :rofl:

Seriously, though, I must have missed what happened with @Chowseeker1999 while I was working 6+ days/week to slow/stop this damn pandemic for 11 months/out of the foodie scene, but you know how I’ve felt about some of the “bullying” behavior that’s driven-away some of our long-time personalities from the CH days… :frowning_face:


It has nothing to do with that. There was something between CS99 and another poster really a mole hill that turned into a mountain because @Chowseeker1999 couldnt admit that something he/she said could be seen as racially insensitive. I’m sure if the people involved want to talk more about it they will


Fascinating and good riddance.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: What’s for Dinner is one of my happy places.