Where can I get a tender and Juicy Carne Asada Burrito?

That’s not from:
El Chato Taco Truck - I like it, but looking for something new and a bitch needs to eat before 9pm!
Taqueria Los Anaya - SO-SO
Cactus Taqueria - SO-SO
Carnitas Michoacan - HIT & MISS - SO-SO
King Taco - HIT & MISS
Leo’s Tacos Truck - SO-SO
Yuca’s - SO-SO - Bland & Dry as the desert.
El Parian Restaurant - Tough as leather!

Where else?

If Anaya is so so for you I can’t really help you. Their asada is ridiculously juicy and nicely charred for me. You may be after skirt steak

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I’ve never thought of carne asada as tender. Actually I don’t think of the meat in a burrito as even needing to be tender since it’s usually chopped or at least thinly sliced.

I’m not a burrito guy (breakfast excepted), but when I get one I like the carne asada burritos at La Estrella (usually the truck on York in Highland Park, but I think they’re all loosely related). It’s rough chopped into smaller pieces so maybe it isn’t exactly juicy, but it’s seasoned very well and I almost never get pieces of gristle. Their salsa roja is pretty outstanding too. Definitely think it’s way better than Cactus and King Taco, at least.

If carne asada is the objective you might also try a specialist like Tire Shop or Mexicali, though I don’t think either of them serves burritos…

Margarita 's Place , on 7th & Main.

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Came here for lunch to confirm. Ended up with the veracruzano fish burrito. Incredible

Eduardo’s. Near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard. They use better quality steak than most and grill it tender and juicy.

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They have carne asada?

Where is this place? Looks like multiple locations.

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They call it “steak”.


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If you’re on the westside, try Eduardo’s Border Grill (steak burrito spicy) or Sonoritas Prime (rib-eye burrito, hold the mayo).


MAYO on a burrito???

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I know, baffling. But the meat is really tender and delicious – and there’s no rice or beans for filler. Reminds me a bit of La Taqueria in SF.

BTW, open 24 x 7

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Now wait a minute. No rice or beans? What’s in it then?

Mesquite grilled meat, cheese, avocado, and tomato.

BTW, I specifically mentioned the rib-eye because it’s especially tender and juicy, but the regular carne asada is pretty decent too.


5870 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Have you tried Sonoratown in downtown? They do sonoran style tacos which are basically burritos sans rice and rolling. They put in mesquite grilled carne asada, beans, gaucomole, salsa, cheese, and cabbage on a house made flour tortilla.

It’s definitely tender and juicy carne asada.