Where can I get a tender and Juicy Carne Asada Burrito?

El Sauz #2 around the corner on Colorado might be even better. At least with the breakfast burrito. And no, tortilla is not made in house. Not going to get that most places.

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I am curious what you prefer about #2?

Their breakfast burrito is carne asada?

Is anyone familiar with The Burrito Exchange described in this post as “the pinnacle of burritodom”?

Is Katherine Spiers a trustworthy source?

Well, you’ve butted heads in the past so perhaps not for you :wink:

All joking aside, I’ve listened to a couple of Spiers’s podcasts and read some of her writing. I would say the “objectively” part of the description is tongue in cheek and places that appear in her newsletter are pretty decent.

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What a twitterific response. Yes I’d say she is at least credible enough to have an opinion on a burrito.


no, sorry - both El Sauz locations have a great breakfast burrito.

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less drunken club bros, better vibe, faster service. food seems pretty identical.

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Oh, her. Right.

Her ignorance of the L.A. Times Guild’s contract provisions and other business matters certainly doesn’t mean she’s a bad source for burrito recommendations. Obviously “objectively” is meant as a joke.

Just tried Burrito Exchange as I was relatively close by. Pretty good.

EDIT: Forgot to post the photo:

The burrito is about comparable in size to La Azteca Tortilleria with a similarly opaque tortilla that I always assume is due to thinness and use of fat (but I don’t really know). It has a good chew like La Azteca also as opposed to the softer (but also good) tortilla from the nearby El Burrito House.


  • They have a drive through and they were very fast around noon on a weekday
  • There’s relatively little filler with the insides being the meat, pico and beans. No rice that I can tell. There was also plenty of meat with every bite.
  • I tried the carnitas since that’s my go-to filling at a new place. I feel like there’s less to hide from with carnitas and this version was pretty decent with some spectrum of savory, well browned meat as well as the softer pull-apart bits.


  • It’s a bit expensive. I paid a little over $12 for this burrito with no add-ons and not including tip. I noticed that some add-ons like sour cream and cheese were more expensive than I would’ve thought (like $1+). THAT SAID, it’s very similar in cost as La Azteca and El Burrito House. El Burrito House does have larger burritos so they’re proportionally a wee bit cheaper but they also come with rice. Honestly, I’m thinking this is just the cost of burritos these days, especially with quality tortillas.

Regarding the chile relleno burrito with asada referenced as the pinnacle- you can also get that at La Azteca. I personally would would opt for La Azteca given that you can get it with their grilled chicken which I think is surprisingly good. However, if that’s not your particular issue then Burrito Exchange seems like a great option.

TL;DR: I would say that in price, tortilla quality and lack of filler it’s very comparable to La Azteca.


Damn, you are making me hungry!

I believe there is a solution…
giphy (2)


No expert but I’ve had La Azteca’s Chile Relleno w/Asada a few times and have enjoyed it a lot.


I haven’t fact checked yet but Yelp says La Azteca now has dinner hours! Pretty excited about that


Has anyone been to El Parian lately?

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Recently had the George’s Burger Stand California Burrito and it remains magic. Their Asada is so tender…

In terms of taco stands…. Los Poblanos on Avalon… they make an excellent burrito and will make it “solo carne” if you prefer….