Where to buy Caul Fat in LA?

I’ve tried phoning several butchers in the area, no luck. Standings recommended me to Gwen (who seemed to possibly have it on hand but unavailable for retail). Tried Hardy’s Meat Market and they weren’t sure.

I’ve put in an inquiry at McCall’s in Los Feliz, waiting to hear back. I knew caul fat would be a rather uncommon item to find, but I also figured with the huge international community it wouldn’t be that scarce.

Any tips, I don’t mind driving the distance…

99 Ranch or Hawaii Supermarket in SGV.

Not fresh, but frozen, if that’s ok.

It’s in the freezer section where the other frozen meats are (not in the dessert/sweets section).

What do you do with it?

Thank you so much!! Such a huge help! Fresh is always better, but can certainly make do with frozen, thanks again!!

I make sheftalia with it, it’s a cypriot sausage, very delicious. The caul fat is used as a casing to hold the meat together and then when you grill it the fat melts away and into the meat. Very hard to find at any restaurant in the states, but if you ever have a chance you have to try it.


be my friend.


We make deep fried Lions Head meatballs with them, especially auspicious during the holidays, like the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Crepinettes are sausage patties wrapped in caul fat. Fancy restaurants must have sources but maybe they don’t sell to the general public.

Any butcher that breaks down whole pigs or cows should be able to get you some fresh with advance notice. A Cut Above? Belcampo? Standing’s?

Yelp finds three.

https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=“caul fat” butcher&find_loc=los angeles%2C ca


Whole carcasses only come in with the kidneys. Because it’s related to the stomach, the USDA makes it pretty difficult. I’ve mailed ordered from different places such as Northstar Bison. I found this link on Amazon:

You might contact Peads & Barnett to see if it could be picked up at the farmer’s market or Melissa at Babette Meat & Provisions in Pasadena might have good ideas.

Good luck!

True. I’ll add Vicente Foods to the “able to get with advanced notice” list.
I have also seen it from time to time at the old Surfas in their frozen section.

The USDA sometimes makes a lot of trouble about tripe but I haven’t heard of that with regard to caul fat.