Where to buy pata negra pork?

Does anyone know where I can buy pata negra pork in the LA area? I am looking for either a butcher shop or a restaurant that serves it. (I am not looking for cured pata negra cuts.) Thank you!

Good question. I’ve never come across it in the US except Boccalone (Chris Cosentino’s salumeria, now closed) used to get fat to make lardo. They said they were the first US producer to use it.

Some domestic ranchers are trying to raise the same breed in a similar way, e.g.:


Is OP looking for something that was raised here or where to buy it regardless of origin - oh, wait, is that orange?!?!? :slight_smile:


Their NYC store was wonderful when we were there some years ago.

I am aware of White Oak, actually, as I came across them at an event a while back. They have great stuff, but their shipping costs are nuts. I’m also not sure if their pata negra is de bellota, which is what I’m really after.

Ideally it would be raised in Spain and will be jamon iberica de bellota, but I would be ok if it were raised here (but still de bellota).

Jamon iberico de bellota is by definition cured.

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De bellota just means fed on acorns.

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La Española in Harbor City sells a variety of frozen cuts, imported from Spain. Magnificent on the grill, medium-rare. IIRC, around $30/lb.

Correction–more like $40-50/lb. but the La Española website states everything is out of stock. So mail-order from La Tienda, as posted by Sgee, might be your best bet right now.

I want to try those pork chops.

Seems like all they have right now are lean cuts.

Is this what you are looking for? https://www.zingermans.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=M-SEC
or this?https://www.zingermans.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=M-ISH

Neither of those links worked for me.

Both those links are good, any issue is with your browser.

Wow $50 for 3/4 pound. I bet it tastes amazing though.

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They have occasional sales. I bought the shoulder once. It arrived partially thawed. I emailed them to let them know, not even complaining, and they sent me a second one for free. They are expensive, but a fantastic operation.
And yes the meat was so good!

What does one do with 12oz. of pork shoulder?

Yes, those are what I’m looking for! I was just hoping to find something local, as most of the shipping costs I’ve found online are many multiples of the meat itself.

They aren’t too bad. Here is a link to their shipping rates, https://www.zingermans.com/CustService.aspx#SH
As I mentioned above they do have sales. Its a class operation; when you call them an actual person answers the phone. If you are dissatisfied with anything you get a replacement or refund - no questions asked. That said its not cheap.