White Truffle Pricing Report - Good news for 2016 season

Big Italian Truffle Crop Means Prices Are Sinking

Good news, though I hate non-zero-baseline charts.

It’s a terrible chart…

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So where do we buy them!?

Googling I find reports of them at Melisse, Providence, Chi Spacca, and Republique in the past week.


Pricing improvements do not seem to have trickled down to retail…

What was the price in LA last year?

If I were buying to shave at home, I’d find a retailer bringing them in directly and reserve ahead so I get mine the day they arrive. Every day they’re in storage they have less of what you’re paying for.

Personally I’d rather go to a restaurant so if the truffle’s as aromatic as it should be I can say find me a fresher one or never mind.

I just got email from a local source in Alameda, Farmstead Cheeses & Wine. $200 per ounce for 3/4- to 1-1/4-oz. truffles, $225 for larger, by pre-sale only, arriving for pickup on Nov. 15.