Won’t be running out to try the Diablo Dare

Arby’s has just announced what they claim to be the spiciest sandwich out there. Someone else is going to have to take this bullet. Not me.


I don’t think these peppers that have been bred for competitions have any culinary interest. So that’s on point for the Arby’s brand.

@Gr8pimpin :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Not sure I get your point but I used to sell a lot of ghost pepper infused salt when I worked in a gourmet food and wine shop. Wikipedia says the ghost pepper is from Northeast India and a Google search doesn’t come up with anything about it being bred for competition. You don’t think Arby’s would use fake peppers do you? Ummmm…… never mind.

OK, imported for competitions.

I know someone who tried it. They did not find it spicy at all. The likened it to a dull jalapeño.
It was very much a disappointment.

Lol, I was running here to post about it right after I heard about it but you all beat me to it!!

After recovering from Covid, I’m not sure I want to eat something that causes any kind of mucus reaction. LOL


And that’s the only reason?


Hmmmm…. Uh… yeah, pretty much :wink:

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I wouldn’t even know where to go to find an Arby’s


There’s one on Sunset in Hollywood and another by LAX.