WSGV updates

I did a double take when I drove past several weeks ago, because it looked like it was gone.

Embassy Kitchen gone. Presumably killed by Colette.

Embassy Kitchen quickly replaced by Bund 8.

Dim Sum Box opens in San Gabriel next to Tam’s Noodle House.


Chef Tony opens third branch in Monterey Park in the Courtyard by Marriott on Atlantic.

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Love Duck replaces Happy Dunpling (sic) House inside the Alhambra 99 Ranch Market after a very short period.

Diamond Bar’s Chan Kee opens up new branch in Monrovia replacing Deer House.

My favorite restaurant, Spring Shabu Shabu in El Monte is gone. Somebody said the landlord jacked up the rent, which if true is crazy since the shopping center is like 90 percent vacant.

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OK Cafe in Atlantic Times Square has closed. Not many Chinese restaurants left in that center.

Pho Vit 115

Has duck salad and duck pho. I am intrigued

@hppzz have you tried pho vit? What region is this from?

Saw Kristie hang post that—completely new to me! Bún măng vịt the duck and bamboo noodle soup is the most common and popular :duck: soup. Try it and report back :grin: