CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?


Should be easy if you stick to the low end of the wine list. The more-than-enough-food meal I had in March was under $60 a head before drinks, tax, and tip.


Thanks for the feedback folks.


Definitely - just had dinner this for 4 with quite a few glasses of wine/prosecco and beer, 2 apps, 3 entrees, two veg, two desserts for $450 pre-t/t


Including drinks? I am not sure I’ve ever spent more than $100/head on just food and I have eaten there probably 20 times…

The exception to this could be if you go solo and order huge items anyway though.


I spent a lot when I went solo, but that was kind of a crazy idea and I could only eat half of what I ordered.


Chi Spacca hosting a $200 4-course pizza dinner with Franco Pepe

Who’s going??


I’m pretty ignorant, so any idea what is in this dinner that makes it $200 for pizza? Wine included I guess. The menu didn’t load on my iphone.

On my last visit to Chi Spacca we got lots of meat, so this dinner seems more appropriate for Pizzeria Mozza.


Yeah, it seems nonsensical to me. I have a hard time imagining what pizza would be worth $200 for four courses of it. Even if it’s 4 personal pizzas, that just makes it worse, as that’s far too much food to reasonably eat.

Feels like Chi Spacca has become an LA cliche of a place where people with lots of money just pay to feel like part of the in-crowd. My guess is that most people going will think it’s amazing because it’s pizza that costs $200, so the high-price is sort of self-justifying lol

That’s the reason it’s in Chi Spacca as the space attracts a wealthier subset than Pizzeria Mozza. If it was anything other than that, you are correct, it would make far more sense to have the event under the Pizzeria Mozza name.


What a profoundly messed-up web site. The menu of what you get after the selection of pizzas appears only in hidden tags. I’m not sure I split these correctly into separate dishes.

1st course
Pairing: Occhipinti Bianco 2015
Arancini Siciliani
Focaccia Messinese
Marinated Sardines
Meyer Lemon Octopus Carpaccio
Castelvetrano and Blood Orange

2nd course
Pairing: Hauner Hiera 2014
Involtini di Melanzane Eggplant
Lumaconi Pasta, Spicy Pomodoro, Ricotta, Scamorza

3rd course
Pairing: COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2013
Grilled Mackerel
Orange, Fennel, Pine Nuts, Grilled Chicory

4th course
Pairing: Donnafugata Passito di Pantelleria Ben Rye 2012
Cannoli with Babbo Ricotta
Sfingi al Cioccolato
Citrus Granita


I don’t see pizza.


Sunday, February 12th at 7PM
$200/person including wine pairing, tax and gratuity
Enjoy a selection of pizzas followed by a menu designed in collaboration between Nancy and Franco.

If you subtract the service charge and tip, it’s more like $150.


that means Margherita pizza time!


This comment is a reply to Sgee re: a meatless, low fat diet…Margherita Pizza!


I’m not sure how you found that, but I echo Bookwich…I don’t even see pizza here. Why is it called a 4-course PIZZA dinner? haha

At least it sounds like a lot of food I guess.


The description you can see on the web site says “Enjoy a selection of pizzas followed by a menu designed in collaboration between Nancy and Franco.”

The four-course menu that’s in some invisible code on that web page doesn’t mention the pizzas.


Weird. If you could purchase access to just the secret pizza tasting for like $50 it would be much more appealing.


Maybe he and Nancy thought it would be more fun.

I believe when he visited A16 he just took over the pizza oven and otherwise it was the regular menu. My friends who went raved about it.


That sure would’ve been cool to do at Pizzeria Mozza.


Finally going. Still dope right?


I predict massive disappointment with most of your meal, actually. This is based on how much you disliked Sotto’s pork chop as a dining experience. Also, I personally, never felt it was the same since Colby left. It seems way more integrated into the Mozza empire now shrugs

Hopefully the focaccia di recco is still alright though.